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How PHP and MySQL Work Together in WordPress

WordPress uses a PHP/MySQL platform, which provides everything you need to create your own site and publish your own content dynamically, without knowing how to program those pages. In short, all your [more…]

Image-Editing Software for WordPress Web Design

When you work with graphics (including digital photographs) for Web design, you work with two file types: raster and vector. When you create, edit, or manipulate those files, you use graphic- or photo-editing [more…]

Finding WordPress Resources and Tools

If you use WordPress as the platform for your blog or website, you can use any or all of the many tools WordPress offers. The following list helps you find some of these helpful resources. [more…]

Basic HTML and CSS Markup for WordPress Themes

When you work with WordPress themes to create web designs, you use basic HTML, combined with CSS styling, to accomplish the formatting and styling you desire for your website. Here's a rundown of some [more…]

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