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How PHP and MySQL Work Together in WordPress

WordPress uses a PHP/MySQL platform, which provides everything you need to create your own site and publish your own content dynamically, without knowing how to program those pages. In short, all your [more…]

Image-Editing Software for WordPress Web Design

When you work with graphics (including digital photographs) for Web design, you work with two file types: raster and vector. When you create, edit, or manipulate those files, you use graphic- or photo-editing [more…]

Finding WordPress Resources and Tools

If you use WordPress as the platform for your blog or website, you can use any or all of the many tools WordPress offers. The following list helps you find some of these helpful resources. [more…]

Basic HTML and CSS Markup for WordPress Themes

When you work with WordPress themes to create web designs, you use basic HTML, combined with CSS styling, to accomplish the formatting and styling you desire for your website. Here's a rundown of some [more…]

Finding a Web Host that Provides WordPress Features

Web hosts consider WordPress a third-party application;therefore, the host typically won’t provide technical support for WordPress (or any other software application) because it isn’t included in your [more…]

Discovering Browsers and Tools You Can Use with WordPress

A multitude of browser systems are available on the web. Here, you discover five major browsers that you can use with WordPress and that are the most popular among Internet users. Additionally, you find [more…]

Choosing the Number of Columns for Your WordPress Website

You will need to choose the number of columns for your WordPress website. Most websites are laid out in columns that span the width of the visitor’s computer screen and rows that span the length. When [more…]

Should You Use a Premium Theme for Your WordPress Website?

Premium WordPress themes have become a very popular way for talented designers to provide a service they’re passionate about — designing themes — while making a little money for their efforts. There are [more…]

How to Create a New Navigation Menu in WordPress Twenty Fifteen

A navigation menu lists the links displayed on your WordPress site. These links can take you to pages, posts, or categories within your site, or to other sites. No matter what they link to, you can define [more…]

How to Add Widgets to the Sidebar of the Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

The left side of the Widgets page lists all the available widgets for your WordPress site. The right side of the page lists the widget areas designated in your theme. Drag your selected widget from the [more…]

Template Tags, Values, and Parameters for Your WordPress Site

Here, you discover the concept of parameters and values and how to use them, as well as the different types of parameters in WordPress. You should have a primary grasp of these concepts before moving forward [more…]

Miscellaneous but Useful Template Tags for Your WordPress Site

You can find a complete list of template tags in the WordPress Codex. A few miscellaneous tags won’t show up with the common ones, but they are good to know because they’re helpful and sometimes fun. The [more…]

Exploring the Layout and Structure of the Twenty Fifteen WordPress Theme

The WordPress Twenty Fifteen theme offers a clean design style that’s highly customizable for the millions of WordPress users who want a simple but modern look that focuses on the content for their sites [more…]

The Header Image in WordPress Twenty Fifteen

It’s easy to work with the WordPress Twenty Fifteen header image. Most themes have a header image that appears at the top of the website. This image is generated by a graphic defined in the Cascading Style [more…]

How to View Template Files in the WordPress Twenty Fifteen Theme

A WordPress theme is a collection of WordPress templates made up of WordPress template tags. A WordPress theme is the group of templates that makes up the theme. A WordPress [more…]

The WordPress Twenty Fifteen Stylesheet

Every WordPress theme includes a style.css file. A browser uses this file, commonly known as the stylesheet, to provide style to the website design, such as font types, colors, and sizes; graphics; icons [more…]

The WordPress Twenty Fifteen Main Index and The Loop

Your theme is required to have only two files. The first is style.css. The other is a Main Index file, known in WordPress as index.php. The index.php file is the first file WordPress tries to load when [more…]

Working with The Loop in WordPress Twenty Fifteen

The Loop is no different from any other WordPress template tag; it must begin with a function and it must end with a function. The Loop begins and makes the following request: [more…]

The WordPress Twenty Fifteen Header Template

The Header template is an important part of your WordPress website. The Header template is the starting point for every WordPress theme because it tells web browsers the following information: [more…]

How to Use bloginfo Parameters in the WordPress Twenty Fifteen Header Template

The Header template makes much use of one WordPress template tag in particular: bloginfo();. What differentiates the type of information that a tag pulls in is a parameter. [more…]

How to Create Title Tags in the WordPress Twenty Fifteen Header Template

Here’s a useful tip about your WordPress site’s <title> tag: Search engines pick up the words used in the <title> tag as keywords to categorize your site in their search engine directories. [more…]

How to Display Your Site Name and Tagline in the WordPress Twenty Fifteen Header Template

The default Twenty Fifteen theme header displays your site name and tagline on the top of your site, on every page. You can use the bloginfo(); tag plus a little HTML code to display your site name and [more…]

The WordPress Twenty Fifteen Sidebar and Footer Templates

Creating themes for your WordPress site requires you to step into the code of the templates, including the sidebar and footer templates, which can be a scary place sometimes. Get started by understanding [more…]

Template Files You May Want to Use For Your Twenty Fifteen WordPress Site

To make your website work properly, WordPress uses all the theme files together. Some, such as the header and footer, are used on every page. Others, such as the Comments template [more…]

Connecting the Templates in WordPress Twenty Fifteen

WordPress has built-in functions to include the main template files, such as header.php, sidebar.php, and footer.php, in other templates. An include function is a custom PHP function that’s built in to [more…]


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