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WordPress All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Tailor your blog with WordPress blogging software, whether you're writing, editing, or publishing content. An understanding of WordPress's dashboard controls and of the types of content available to you [more…]

Create Link Lists and Blogrolls in WordPress

A link list, commonly referred to as a blogroll,is a list of links to other websites and blogs that you’ve collected and want to share with your readers. The link list is displayed in your blog, usually [more…]

WordPress Security Resources

Security is, and should be, a concern for every WordPress user. The overwhelming popularity of the WordPress platform makes it a high target for hackers and viruses. There are many steps you can take to [more…]

WordPress GPL Commercial Themes and Plugins

When you start getting into themes and plugins to extend your WordPress site, you need to understand what GPL and open source means. Because WordPress is licensed by the General Public License [more…]

Share Your WordPress Content on Popular Social Media Networks

A popular method of gaining increased exposure for your WordPress content, and a good practice to drive readership traffic to your website, is to share your published content across various popular social [more…]

Resources for WordPress Theme Development

Many designers and developers make a good living from the creation of WordPress themes for clients or for the mass WordPress population, so it’s no surprise that the topic of WordPress theme development [more…]

Find Technical Support for WordPress Plugins

Everyone who uses plugins has had this happen at some point: You find the perfect plugin but have no idea how to use it. What can you do when you can’t figure out how to use the plugin or a plugin just [more…]

WordPress Multisite History

With WordPress, you have ability to run multiple sites with only one installation of the WordPress platform. This was not always possible with WordPress — actually it was version 3.0 when the multisite [more…]

WordPress For Dummies Cheat Sheet

With WordPress, you can truly tailor a blog to your own tastes and needs. All the blogging tools you need are readily available: Some are packaged with the WordPress software; others are third-party plugins [more…]

How to Use the Akismet Plugin to Combat Comment Spam in WordPress

Akismet is the mother of all plugins, and no WordPress blog is complete without a fully activated version. Apparently WordPress agrees, because the plugin has been packaged in every WordPress software [more…]

Bonus Chapters for WordPress For Dummies, 6th Edition

Click here to download two bonus chapters for WordPress For Dummies, 6th Edition.

Chapter 1 tells you all about using WordPress as a content management system [more…]

How to Set Up a WordPress.com User Account

You may not know that WordPress has a hosted version of the software that you can use to run a website without the hassle of downloading and installing software; it’s called WordPress.com. If you’re just [more…]

How to Change Your WordPress Dashboard Layout

You can arrange the order of the modules on your Dashboard to suit your tastes. WordPress places a great deal of emphasis on user experience, and a big part of that effort results in your ability to create [more…]

Avoiding Unsafe WordPress Themes

Finding the WordPress theme that fits you best may take some time, but with thousands available, you’ll eventually find one that suits you. Trying out several free themes is like trying on different “outfits” [more…]

10 Great Sites That Use WordPress as a CMS

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell is a site is a blog or a site built with blogging software. Because users can extend the WordPress software to function as so much more than just a blog, people refer [more…]

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