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How to Enhance WordPress Content with Shortcodes

Just as widgets allow code to generate content for use inside a WordPress sidebar, shortcodes allow code to generate additional content inside a post, page, or other content type. [more…]

How to Upgrade Your WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins receive updates that fix bugs, add new features, and update existing features. Some plugins are updated multiple times a week. Other plugins may never be updated. Fortunately, WordPress [more…]

How to Categorize WordPress Archives

When you create a post on your WordPress site, you can file that post under a category that you specify. This feature makes for a very nifty archiving system in which you and your readers can find articles/posts [more…]

How to Build WordPress Categories

In WordPress, a category is what you determine to be the main topic of a blog post. Through categories, you can file your blog posts into topics by subject. To improve your readers’ experiences in navigating [more…]

How to Change the Name of a WordPress Category

Upon installation, WordPress gives you one default category — Uncategorized. That category name is pretty generic, so you definitely want to change it to one that’s more specific and memorable to you. [more…]

What Are WordPress Themes and Templates?

WordPress themes are simply a group of files, called templates, which determine the look and basic function of your site. Literally thousands upon thousands of free WordPress themes are available for you [more…]

How to Find Premium WordPress Templates and Frameworks

Not all WordPress themes are created equal; that is to say, not every WordPress theme you encounter is free. GPL-licensed software, like WordPress and related plugins and themes, is not always free, as [more…]

How to Design a WordPress Website with a Fixed Width

In WordPress, a fixed width website has a container that’s a set width, in pixels, and everything within it remains contained within the width defined in the Cascading Style Sheet [more…]

How to Design WordPress Websites with Fluid Width

A WordPress website designed with a fluid width layout has a flexible width. The container of the website content is determined by percentages rather than static pixels. Unlike the fixed width layout, [more…]

How to Find and Install Free WordPress Theme

Free WordPress themes are popular because of their appealing designs, easy installation and use, and mostly their price tag — free. They’re great tools to use when you launch your new site, and if you [more…]

How to Apply the Twenty Thirteen Theme in WordPress

The Twenty Thirteen theme offers a clean design style that’s highly customizable for the millions of WordPress users who want a simple but modern look that focuses on the content for their sites. As such [more…]

How to Upload Header Images in Twenty Thirteen WordPress Themes

Although the default header images in WordPress Twenty Thirteen are acceptable, you may want something unique for your site. You can choose a custom header image, such as a photograph you’ve taken or an [more…]

How to Program a Basic WordPress PHP File

To make sure you understand the basics of PHP in WordPress, including how to start and stop PHP within a file, try your hand at a little sample of PHP code. Follow these steps to create a simple HTML web [more…]

Components of a WordPress Template Tag

WordPress is based in PHP (a scripting language for creating web pages) and uses PHP commands to pull information from the MySQL database. Every tag begins with a function to start PHP and ends with a [more…]

MySQL Database Structure in WordPress

A lot of new WordPress users are pretty intimidated by the MySQL database, perhaps because it seems to be way above their technical skills or abilities. Truth be told, regular WordPress users don’t really [more…]

How to View the Template Files in a WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is a collection of WordPress templates made up of WordPress template tags. A WordPress thememeans the group of templates that makes up the theme. A WordPress [more…]

WordPress Theme Templates Overview

Creating themes requires you to step into the code of the WordPress templates, which can be a scary place sometimes — especially if you don’t really know what you’re looking at. A good place to start is [more…]

WordPress Theme Templates: Stylesheet

Every WordPress theme includes a style.css file. A browser uses this file, commonly known as the stylesheet, to provide style to the website design, such as font types, colors, and sizes; graphics; icons [more…]

WordPress Theme Templates: Main Index and The Loop

Your WordPress theme is required to have only two files. The first is style.css. The other is a Main Index file, known in WordPress as index.php. The index.php [more…]

WordPress Theme Templates: Header

The Header template is a very important part of your site design because it is the starting point for every WordPress theme. It communicates to web browsers the following information: [more…]

How to Identify a Premium WordPress Theme

Premium WordPress themes have become a very popular way for talented designers to provide a service they’re passionate about — designing themes — while making a little money for their efforts. There are [more…]

How to Enhance Websites with WordPress Widgets

WordPress widgets are very helpful tools built in to WordPress. They enable you to easily arrange how your content — such as your blogroll, recent posts, and monthly and category archive lists — appears [more…]

How to Add WordPress Widgets to Sidebars or Footers

The left side of the Widgets page lists all the available widgets for your WordPress site. The right side of the page lists the widget areas designated in your theme. Drag your selected widget from the [more…]

How to Use the WordPress Text Widget

The Text widget is one of the most useful WordPress widgets because it enables you to add text and HTML code into widget areas without editing the theme’s template files. For that reason, the Text widget [more…]

How to Add the WordPress RSS Widget

The RSS widget allows you to pull headlines from almost any RSS (really simple syndication) feed, including recent headlines from your other WordPress blogs or sites, and headlines from news sites or other [more…]

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