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How to Customize Your WordPress Blog's Background Color

The default background color in the WordPress Twenty Twelve theme is white; however, with the Background options in the Twenty Twelve theme, you can change the color. Here’s how: [more…]

Adding Custom Navigation Menus to Your WordPress Blog

Navigational menus are vital parts of your WordPress site’s design. They tell your site visitors where to go and how to access important information or areas on your site. The Menus feature released in [more…]

Add a Search Box to Your Blog’s Design in WordPress

Including a search box in your blog’s design is a must have. Visitors expect to see a search box on your blog so they can search for blog posts they’ve read previously or blog posts on a particular topic [more…]

Add Images to Your Blog’s Menu Design in WordPress

Adding images to your navigation menu adds flair to your blog design and provides a place to extend your brand. Menu images on a blog can also play a more functional role by adding more context to a menu [more…]

How to Change File Permissions Using FileZilla on Your FTP Site

Every file and folder that exists on your web server has a set of attributions, or permissions, that you can change using FileZilla. These permissions are assigned and tells the web server three things [more…]

Choosing the Width of Your WordPress Web Site

Every WordPress website starts with a layout that takes width into consideration. Here are the primary types of widths you will need to consider when you start to design your website: [more…]

How to Design a WordPress Website with a Fixed Width

In WordPress, a fixed width website has a container that’s a set width, in pixels, and everything within it remains contained within the width defined in the Cascading Style Sheet [more…]

How to Design WordPress Websites with Fluid Width

A WordPress website designed with a fluid width layout has a flexible width. The container of the website content is determined by percentages rather than static pixels. Unlike the fixed width layout, [more…]

Column Layout Design for WordPress Websites

Lots of WordPress websites are laid out in columns that span the width of the visitor’scomputer screen and rows that span the length. When you develop a plan for your website design layout, you need to [more…]

WordPress Website Navigation Options

All good WordPress websites provide visitors with an easy way to navigate the different areas of the sites. To provide your visitors with a way to read internal pages and archives and to navigate to a [more…]

How to Design WordPress Websites with a Responsive Layout

A WordPress website that has a responsive layout takes the size of any viewing device into consideration. It doesn’t matter if it’s the largest television monitor or the smallest mobile phone or tablet [more…]

How to Create a Navigation Menu in WordPress Twenty Thirteen

A navigation menu lists the links displayed on your WordPress site. These links can take you to pages, posts, or categories within your site, or to other sites. No matter what they link to, you can define [more…]

Options for Displaying Content on a WordPress Site

Depending on your readership and your market strategy, you may want to display your content in different ways. With a WordPress-powered website, several options are available to display content, such as [more…]

How to Transfer Files to a Live WordPress Site with BackupBuddy

The BackupBuddy plugin can be used to move a WordPress website from one hosting environment to another. BackupBuddy is not a free plugin available on the WordPress Plugin Directory page. You have to pay [more…]

How to Find and Install Free WordPress Plugins

These instructions walk you through the simple steps of searching for, downloading, installing, and activating free plugins in your WordPress Dashboard. The Dashboard makes these processes relatively easy [more…]

What You Can Do With WordPress E-Commerce Plugins

E-commerce solutions have become a hot item in the WordPress world. A lot of businesses and individuals are turning to the web to increase their profit margins or make a little money. WordPress already [more…]

How to Select the Right e-Commerce Plugin for a WordPress Site

Here are four great WordPress plugins that can help you build your e-commerce site: Cart66, WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, and Shopp. Each plugin differs in the way the store gets built and each is good for [more…]

How to Manually Install Commercial WordPress Plugins via FTP

Any WordPress commercial (or paid) plugins require that you install them manually via File Transfer Protocol, for example. This process isn’t as simple as installing a free plugin, but WordPress will let [more…]

How to Insert Images From the Web into a WordPress Post or Page

Before you create a photo gallery with the built-in gallery feature in WordPress, you need to understand how to add images to a post or page you’ve created. Adding images to a post or page is pretty easy [more…]

How to Insert an Image From a PC into a WordPress Post or Page

You can include photo galleries on your WordPress site, which are useful for anyone who needs to include a gallery or portfolio of visual design work, such as web designers and logo designers. To add an [more…]

How to Display Custom Menus in WordPress Using Widgets

You don’t have to use the wp_nav_menu(); template tag to display the menus on your site because WordPress also provides you with a Custom Menu widget that you can add to your theme, allowing you to use [more…]

Basic HTML Techniques for Your WordPress Site

HTML can help you customize and organize your WordPress theme. To understand how HTML and CSS work together, think of it this way: If a website were a building, HTML would be the structure [more…]

How to Add Web Forms for a WordPress Site Using Plugins

Some WordPress website owners need to provide a way for their visitors to contact them directly via e-mail. You don’t want to publish your actual e-mail address on your website, because people run special [more…]

Building a WordPress Social Community with BuddyPress

The popularity of online social communities is undeniable. WordPress — the creator of the world’s most popular blogging platform — is a great example of an online social community, allowing millions of [more…]

Brand Your WordPress Mobile Site with a Complimentary Blog Design

Most WordPress mobile plug-ins for your blog’s design are customizable. You customize a mobile plug-in for your blog by changing colors and themes, adding a custom logo icon, and setting a custom homepage [more…]

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