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Upgrading Your WordPress.com Software

New releases of WordPress occur roughly every 120 days. Don’t be discouraged or frustrated by the number of times you’ll upgrade your WordPress installation. Each upgrade improves security and adds new [more…]

Hosting Multiple Blogs with One WordPress Installation

The self-hosted WordPress.org software lets you run an unlimited number of blogs on one installation of its software platform, on one domain. When you configure the options within WordPress to enable a [more…]

How to Use Fantastico to Install WordPress Files

Fantastico is a very popular script installer that you can use to install WordPress software on your hosting account. Not all hosts make Fantastico available. If yours doesn’t, you can install WordPress [more…]

Downloading the WordPress Software and Uploading Your WordPress Files

Before you can install WordPress manually, you have to download the WordPress software and upload the software to your server. None of this is difficult. So without further ado, get the latest version [more…]

How to Secure Your WordPress Configuration File

Your WordPress configuration files contain private information that you will want to protect against hackers who might find the valuable information stored in the wp-config.php file attractive. If someone [more…]

Using WordPress’s Main Configuration Settings

After Your WordPress configuration file (wp-config.php) is nice and secure, you need to know what’s stored within it so you can reference it and understand how WordPress communicates with the database [more…]

Optimizing the WordPress Configuration File

Optimizing your WordPress configuration file (wp-config.php) can change some of WordPress’s default behaviors and improve the speed at which your website loads. Improving the way WordPress works is easy [more…]

Set Up FTP on Your WordPress Blog Hosting Account

If you need to set up FTP for your WordPress blog, it’s easy. Many web hosts offer FTP as part of their hosting packages, so just confirm that your hosting provider makes FTP available to you for your [more…]

Using a MySQL Database to Manage Your WordPress Blog Data

Many new WordPress users are intimidated by the MySQL database. But WordPress bloggers don’t ever have to dig into the database unless they want to. You only need to explore the database if you’re dealing [more…]

How to Edit WordPress Files with FileZilla

You will run into situations where you need to edit certain WordPress files that live on your web server. You can download a WordPress file from your web server, open it, edit it, save it, and then upload [more…]

Free FTP Programs to Upload and Download WordPress Files

You use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to perform various tasks, such as uploading and downloading WordPress files, editing WordPress files, and changing WordPress file permissions. The ability to use FTP [more…]

How to Troubleshoot WordPress Installations

WordPress often installs easily, but if you encounter problems, there are things you can do to troubleshoot the installation. These common WordPress installation problems are some that you might run into [more…]

Web Marketing: How to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

If you use WordPress for your web marketing, you should be aware that any web-based application that sports a URL to visit and an administration username and password to enter is inviting to potential [more…]

How to Use SimpleScripts to Install WordPress

SimpleScripts is a very popular script installer that several web-hosting providers make available to their clients. SimpleScripts contains different types of scripts and programs that you can install [more…]

How to Back Up Your WordPress Database before Upgrading

One step you should always, always take before upgrading your WordPress software installation is to back up your database. This step isn’t required, of course, but it’s a smart step to take to safeguard [more…]

Moving Your Blog from Movable Type and TypePad into WordPress

Movable Type and Typepad were created by the same company, Six Apart. These two blogging platforms run on essentially the same code base, so the import/export procedure is basically the same for both. [more…]

Importing One WordPress Blog into Another WordPress Blog

With this WordPress import script, you can import one WordPress blog into another, and this is true for both the hosted and self-hosted versions of WordPress. WordPress imports all your posts, comments [more…]

How to Import Your Blog to WordPress from an RSS Feed

If all else fails, or if WordPress doesn’t provide an import script that you need for your current blog platform, you can import your blog data via the RSS feed for the blog you want to import. With the [more…]

Moving Your WordPress Blog to a New Host

Transferring your WordPress blog from one host to another is a reality that some website owners must face, and transferring an existing website, with all its content, files, and data from one host to another [more…]

How to Upgrade Your WordPress Software Manually

Upgrading WordPress manually is the least-used method mainly because the automatic method is so easy and quick. In some rare circumstances, you would manually upgrade WordPress because your web-hosting [more…]

Preparing to Move Your Existing Blog to WordPress

So you have a blog on a different blogging system and want to move your blog to WordPress? WordPress makes it relatively easy to pack up your data and archives from one blog platform and move to a new [more…]

Moving Your Blog to WordPRess from Blogger

Blogspot or Blogger — the blogging application owned by Google is referenced either way. To begin the import process, first make sure you have backed up your files and converted your templates. Then follow [more…]

Using WordPress.com to Host Your Blog

WordPress.com is a free service. If downloading, installing, and using software on a web server sound like Greek to you and are chores you’d rather avoid, the WordPress folks provide a solution for you [more…]

How to Self-Host Your Blogs with WordPress.org

Using WordPress.org requires you to download the software from the WordPress website, and then you need to install it on a server from which your blog or website operates. The WordPress.org website is [more…]

Connect to Your WordPress Blog's Web Server via FileZilla FTP Client

The FileZilla FTP client is very easy to use for your WordPress blog, and the cost is free ninety-nine (that’s open source geek-speak for free!). To connect to your web server via the FileZilla FTP client [more…]


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