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How to Join a Public Network on Ning

Ning public networks are visible to everyone, and anyone can become a member of one or several networks. Joining a public network on Ning is a snap: [more…]

How to Join a Private Network on Ning

You know a Ning network is private if you don’t see the network’s main page. Instead, when you enter the network’s URL in your browser, you see only the network’s Sign In page. [more…]

How to Build a Ning Network Community

Because your network on Ning isn't conceptually very different from other online communities, you can take your cue from past (and present) communities that you find online: [more…]

How to Create Your Ning Network's Terms of Use

To help Administrators and to set clear guidelines of what is and what isn’t acceptable behavior by members, you need to create Terms of Use for your network. [more…]

How to Manage Tabs on Your Ning Network

Most of the time, the order in which the tabs appear in your Ning network's navigation bar works just fine (the thinking heads at Ning have tried to make sure the default order fits most needs). But you [more…]

How to Create a Network on Ning

Ning enables you to create a network that's all your own (well, you and the members who join!). To create your own network, go to [more…]

How to Select Features for Your Ning Network

You can specify what features you want your Ning network to have. When you create your network on Ning, you can click the Next button on the Describe Your Social Network page, which takes you to the Add [more…]

How to Choose a Theme for Your Ning Network

You can run your network on Ning without being a very accomplished designer — and Ning's themes let you make it look like a million dollars! The folks at Ning have taken good care of that and offer you [more…]

How to Define Your Ning Network's Profile Questions

After you create a network on Ning, you need to define the questions for your members to answer during their sign-up process. Thinking up these profile questions will probably take longer than adding them [more…]

How to Change the Layout of Your Ning Network's Main Page

You can move features around the main page of your Ning network through the Add Features to Your Network page, changing the layout until it's just what you want. To get to this page, click the Manage link [more…]

How to Moderate the Members of Your Ning Network

When you start a group on a Ning network, you have some options on how you can manage group members. You can easily moderate the members that request to join your network: [more…]

How to Manage Profile Pages on Your Ning Network

Changing things on your profile page can be some of the most fun a member can have in a network on Ning. But maybe you have a very good reason to forbid your members from changing anything on their profile [more…]

What Ning Network Administrators Can and Can't Do

While your Ning network grows, as long as you choose the right people to be Administrators, you’ll be thankful for having them there. When you appoint someone as an Administrator on your network, he or [more…]

How to Manage Administrators in Your Ning Group

You need to delegate the tasks you want Ning network Administrators to oversee for you, and you also need to stay in communication with the people you empower with Administrator privileges. [more…]

How to Create Multiple Levels of Ning Network Administrators

You don't have to give all your Ning network's Administrators the same level of control. Your members can help you manage your network without your giving them full Administrative rights to the network [more…]

How to Promote Your Ning Network with Badges and Widgets

Networks on Ning offer you badges and widgets that you can have your members embed in other sites to help you promote the network — outside the network. [more…]

How to Syndicate Your Ning Network's Content

Your Ning network gives you a lot of ways to use RSS feeds to syndicate content you and your members contribute to the network. If the titles of the items in your network’s RSS feeds are informative and [more…]

How to Manage a Forum on Your Ning Network

When you create a forum on your Ning network, you can adjust certain options for that forum: [more…]

How to Export Member Data from Your Ning Network

You may want to export member data from your Ning network for a number of reasons. You may want to analyze the Ning member data in Excel so that you can determine the demographics of your network; gather [more…]

How to Manage Forum Discussions on Your Ning Network

As a Ning Network Creator, you have a lot of control over discussion topics on the network. You can manage those discussions by using the following options [more…]

How to Add the Chat Feature to Your Ning Network

For many Ning members, chatting with other Ning folks is essential. Adding the Chat feature to your Ning network is a fairly easy task: [more…]

How to Promote a Member of Your Ning Group to Administrator

Don't take promoting someone to an Administrator of your Ning network lightly, because Administrators have a lot of power in the network (power to do things and to undo them, including the removal — accidental [more…]

How to Invite People to Your Ning Network

Inviting people to join your Ning network starts with clicking the Invite link on your Ning network's navigation bar. When you click it, you're presented with a series of options: [more…]

How to Send Messages to All Members of Your Ning Network

Just because you can send messages to all members of your Ning network, you don't want to do it all the time: As a general guideline, one message to all your members once a week may be close to too much [more…]

How to Ban Members from Your Ning Network

You may be able to avoid banning a member of your Ning network by reaching out to him or her via private messages first. You can explain why the member's actions or posted content could lead you to ban [more…]