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How to Control Your Ning Privacy Settings

Privacy is important on Ning, like on any other online community. Ning offers you a variety of ways to restrict the information others can see, and you can also control what information you add to your [more…]

How to Edit Your Photos on Ning

To edit a photo in Ning, click the photo you want to change on the Photos page, and then click the Edit Photo link that appears below the full-size photo. You can do a number of things when you edit a [more…]

How to Use the Ning Music Player

Networks on Ning give you the option to play music and audio podcasts by using the Music Player. All the music and audio podcasts in the Ning Music Player are part of a playlist. The playlist determines [more…]

How to Manage Your Ning Playlist

You can manage your Ning playlist in a number of ways. To manage your playlist, click the Edit Playlist link below the My Music box on your profile page. You’re taken to the Edit Playlist page. On that [more…]

How to Sign Up for a Free Ning Account

Ning makes it easy for you to sign up for an account — and it's free! Go ahead and join the online Ning world by creating an account: [more…]

How to Use Your Ning Activity Feed

Your Ning Activity Feed gives you lots of territory to explore: Through it, you can manage your participation in networks you’re a member of and keep a tab on networks you create. You can also use your [more…]

How to Add Applications to Your Ning Profile

To spruce up your Ning profile, you can add applications that add all sorts of functionality to your profile page. As a Ning network member, you can add applications to your profile very easily: [more…]

Tools to Help You Participate on Ning

Ning has some tools that everyone in the know takes advantage of. Whether you're a member or running a network on Ning, these tools can make your life easier: [more…]

How to Search by Using Tags on Ning

Tagging is a term that became popular with the start of the Web 2.0 movement, and Ning lets you get your tag on. Tagging entails assigning keywords (or key phrases) to an item to help describe it. [more…]

How to Add New Posts to Your Ning Blog

Your Ning account comes with a blog — so get to blogging! You can easily add new posts to your Ning blog: [more…]

How to Manage and Edit Your Ning Blog Posts

Inspired bloggers are bound to write lots of blog posts. If you want to manage your Ning blog posts, and even edit their content, Ning allows you to do just that: [more…]

How to Upload Videos to Ning One at a Time

If you have a single video that you want to upload to your Ning network, the simple video uploader comes to the rescue. [more…]

How to Add a Video to Ning from Another Web Site

You can easily add videos to your Ning network from YouTube, Google Video, and just about every other video Web site you run into. Put a video that you find another site onto your Ning network: [more…]

How to Add Tracks to Your Ning Playlist

Your Ning network's Music Player includes the network's playlist. The Network Creator sets up the network’s playlist, but you can create and manage your own. You can add tracks to your playlist by choosing [more…]

How to Edit Applications on Your Ning Profile

All the applications that you add to your Ning profile page have an Edit button at the top-right. If you want to edit your application, you can easily do so: [more…]

Allowing Other Members to Download Music You've Posted on Ning

So you've posted music selections on Ning, and now others want you to share. If you trust the other Ning network members to do the right thing by copyrighted music, you can allow Music Player tracks to [more…]

How to Add Photos to Ning One by One

If you have only a photo or two that you want to upload to Ning, or if you’re having problems with Ning's bulk uploader, you can use the simple uploader: [more…]

How to Control E-Mails You Receive from Ning

E-mail is one of those mixed blessings. You have to be thankful for it, but it can be a disgrace when it’s out of control. Thankfully, networks on Ning give you very fine control over what e-mails you [more…]

How to Add or Accept Friends on Ning

Friends in social networks, as in real life, are the people you trust enough to tell them things you wouldn’t share with others out there. You can add friends to your Ning account and accept friendship [more…]

How to Block or Remove Friends on Ning

Occasionally, you may be annoyed by someone who's your friend in a Ning network. You can block such a user without removing him or her as a friend. And sometimes, friendships get tarnished, so you want [more…]