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How to Moderate the Members of Your Ning Network

When you start a group on a Ning network, you have some options on how you can manage group members. You can easily moderate the members that request to join your network: [more…]

How to Manage Profile Pages on Your Ning Network

Changing things on your profile page can be some of the most fun a member can have in a network on Ning. But maybe you have a very good reason to forbid your members from changing anything on their profile [more…]

What Ning Network Administrators Can and Can't Do

While your Ning network grows, as long as you choose the right people to be Administrators, you’ll be thankful for having them there. When you appoint someone as an Administrator on your network, he or [more…]

How to Manage Administrators in Your Ning Group

You need to delegate the tasks you want Ning network Administrators to oversee for you, and you also need to stay in communication with the people you empower with Administrator privileges. [more…]

How to Create Multiple Levels of Ning Network Administrators

You don't have to give all your Ning network's Administrators the same level of control. Your members can help you manage your network without your giving them full Administrative rights to the network [more…]

How to Promote Your Ning Network with Badges and Widgets

Networks on Ning offer you badges and widgets that you can have your members embed in other sites to help you promote the network — outside the network. [more…]

How to Syndicate Your Ning Network's Content

Your Ning network gives you a lot of ways to use RSS feeds to syndicate content you and your members contribute to the network. If the titles of the items in your network’s RSS feeds are informative and [more…]

How to Manage a Forum on Your Ning Network

When you create a forum on your Ning network, you can adjust certain options for that forum: [more…]

How to Search by Using Tags on Ning

Tagging is a term that became popular with the start of the Web 2.0 movement, and Ning lets you get your tag on. Tagging entails assigning keywords (or key phrases) to an item to help describe it. [more…]

How to Comment on Ning User Contributions

When you sign in to your Ning account, you can leave comments on other Ning users' blog posts, events you have given an RSVP to, photos, and videos. Your comments may include the same elements as a comment [more…]

How to Add New Posts to Your Ning Blog

Your Ning account comes with a blog — so get to blogging! You can easily add new posts to your Ning blog: [more…]

How to Manage and Edit Your Ning Blog Posts

Inspired bloggers are bound to write lots of blog posts. If you want to manage your Ning blog posts, and even edit their content, Ning allows you to do just that: [more…]

How to Start a Ning Forum Discussion

When you join a Ning network, you can check out the forums for interesting topics of conversation. If you don't find a discussion that you like, you can start your own forum discussion: [more…]

How to Respond to a Ning Forum Discussion

If you get to Ning's discussion forums and find that your idea for a new Ning discussion topic isn’t as new as you thought or you find an existing topic that you feel compelled to participate in, you can [more…]

How to Create an Event on Ning

Create your own event on Ning if you want to get the word out about well, an event. Your Ning network's creator has to set up the network’s privacy so that members can create events: [more…]

How to Find and Join a Ning Group

The Ning Groups main page can be the hub of activity in many networks on Ning. Each group listed on it can include discussion about some extremely specific topics. To get to the Groups page, click the [more…]

How to Create a Group on Ning

Starting a new group on Ning is one of the coolest things you can do in a Ning network. If the network is set up to allow you to create groups, just follow these steps: [more…]

How to Upload Videos to Ning One at a Time

If you have a single video that you want to upload to your Ning network, the simple video uploader comes to the rescue. [more…]

How to Add a Video to Ning from Another Web Site

You can easily add videos to your Ning network from YouTube, Google Video, and just about every other video Web site you run into. Put a video that you find another site onto your Ning network: [more…]

How to Add Tracks to Your Ning Playlist

Your Ning network's Music Player includes the network's playlist. The Network Creator sets up the network’s playlist, but you can create and manage your own. You can add tracks to your playlist by choosing [more…]

How to Send a Private Message on Ning

On a Ning network, you can exchange private messages only with two groups of people: your friends and the Administrators (including the Network Creator). Ning's private messages give you an ideal way as [more…]

How to Use the Ning Comment Wall

Your Ning profile page has a Comment Wall, where other Ning members can leave you messages. The Comment Wall lets members write something to you, include a link to another Web site, embed video from the [more…]

How to Rate Photos and Videos on Ning

On Ning, people contribute photos and videos for their networks. One of the subtlest but nicest things you can do in a Ning network is to praise somebody else’s photo or video by rating it [more…]

How to Export Member Data from Your Ning Network

You may want to export member data from your Ning network for a number of reasons. You may want to analyze the Ning member data in Excel so that you can determine the demographics of your network; gather [more…]

How to Manage Forum Discussions on Your Ning Network

As a Ning Network Creator, you have a lot of control over discussion topics on the network. You can manage those discussions by using the following options [more…]

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