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How to Repost a Blog Post to Facebook with NetworkedBlogs

You can repost any of your old blog posts by clicking the NetworkedBlogs Quick Publisher link below the post. It will immediately post on Facebook. Just follow these easy steps: [more…]

How to Install Social RSS to Your Facebook Business Page

A Facebook application that you can use to import your marketing blog posts automatically is Social RSS. Social RSS is a little easier to set up than NetworkedBlogs is, but the free version may not work [more…]

How to Use RSS Graffiti to Put Blog Posts on Facebook

To post your business blog entries automatically on your Facebook Timeline, you can use RSS Graffiti. This app doesn’t limit you to importing only blog posts: You can use it to bring in any RSS feed from [more…]

Plan Your Social CRM Blog Posts

To make a successful Social CRM post, make sure you plan ahead. One of the hardest parts of sustaining an active blog is to constantly feed it with new posts. To help with this process, create an editorial [more…]

Blogging Tools for Social CRM

Blogging tools are relatively easy to use for Social CRM. They’re structured so that you use a template to fill in all the required information that helps search engines find you. This information includes [more…]

How to Add the NetworkedBlogs Tab to Your Facebook Business Page

NetworkedBlogs allows you to add a tab to your Facebook business Page to display your blog posts. This tab gives your Facebook fans easy access to your blog from Facebook without having to go anywhere. [more…]

7 Places to Extend Your Blog’s Design

Build your brand by using your blog’s design to your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. Be sure to also extend your blog’s design to e-books, printables, blog badges and business cards [more…]

Add the ShareThis Plug-in to Your Blog’s Design

Adding the ShareThis plug-in to your blog can be a great asset to your blog’s design, but you need to customize it to work properly. The ShareThis plug-in allows visitors to your blog to share your posts [more…]

Design an Effective Advertising Page for Your Blog

If you want to make money from your blog through advertising or working with companies, then having an Advertising page as part of your blog design is a must. If your blog does not include an Advertising [more…]

Increase Audience Reach by Highlighting Your Blog Posts

Showing readers popular or relevant blog posts aids the reader in finding out more about your blog’s content in a way that’s fluid and natural rather than disruptive. Highlighting important posts helps [more…]

3 Ways to Clear Sidebar Distractions from Your Blog’s Design

Adding certain sidebar content can really distract your blog’s readers from your actual blog posts. When designing the sidebar for your blog, choose items that are useful for the reader and helpful to [more…]

Brand Your WordPress Mobile Site with a Complimentary Blog Design

Most WordPress mobile plug-ins for your blog’s design are customizable. You customize a mobile plug-in for your blog by changing colors and themes, adding a custom logo icon, and setting a custom homepage [more…]

Build an XML Sitemap and Improve Your Blog’s SEO Design

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about increasing your blog’s visibility in search engines such as Google. Improve your WordPress blog’s SEO through smart design choices. For example, suppose you write [more…]

How to Improve Your Blog Design with Great Headings

Headings help your blog readers digest content. By improving the design of your blog headers, you can improve the readability of your blog posts, while also indicating the topics and subtopics of your [more…]

Improve Your Blog’s Title and Tagline Design for SEO

Your blog’s title tag and tagline give search engines a description of your blog’s contents. Effective SEO blog design means ensuring search engine-worthy blog posts and pages have their own title tags [more…]

Add Alternate Image Titles for Better Blog Design

An alternate image title (alternate attribute or what HTML calls alt) provides browsers with a way to handle a blog image when it can’t be displayed for some reason. In place of your blog image, the browser [more…]

Basics of Honesty in a Blog

Honesty in blogging is different from honesty in real-life relationships or even journalism or advertising, because knowing who someone is or what she represents online is complex. Consider the following [more…]

How to Admit to a Mistake on a Blog

If you make a mistake on your blog, admit it. Apologize, if necessary. Above all else, don't try to deny it or hide it, that makes things worse.

Mistakes, big and little, are inevitable and upset people [more…]

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