Managing Your Blog

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Pitch a Book Idea Based on Your Mom Blog

Greatly increase your chances of getting a publisher to agree to publish a book you want to write if you have an established audience or have established yourself as an expert in your niche. Take a year [more…]

Turn Your Mom Blog into a Job

Getting a job isn’t truly an expansion of your blog, but think of it as more of an expansion of your career.Several bloggers, moms included, have built up so much trust and credibility in social media [more…]

Ask for What You Want for Your Mom Blog

Most blogs are a business of one, which means you’re the only one who can stand up for yourself and go after the things you need in order to make your blog successful. That doesn’t mean you don’t have [more…]

Don't Use Your Mom Blog to Pursue Fame for Fame's Sake

When really successful mom bloggers appear on TV, in magazines, or are mentioned in the New York Times, that level of media coverage seems to be all a blogger needs to ensure success. When that many people [more…]

Don't Use Your Blog as a Weapon

There’s a fine line between voicing valid complaints or criticisms and using your blog as a weapon. Extorting or blackmailing anyone — or even the threat of it — is absolutely wrong and has no place in [more…]

Don't Turn Your Mom Blog into a 24/7 Infomercial

As your readership grows, more opportunities will come your way. You might have to create a second blog just for reviews and product features. This solution is great for readers, but unfortunately, isn’t [more…]

Focus Your Mom Blogging Efforts

Call this Shiny Object Syndrome. It can be very difficult to know the difference between a distraction and a new direction. You’re building a great blog, getting things done — and then, out of the blue [more…]

Diversify Your Mom Blogging Business Interests

Unfortunately, there are too many ways to make the mistake of putting all your eggs in one basket. Losing one big advertiser can cut your revenue down to zero. Relying too much, say, on Google for your [more…]

Don't Neglect Mom Blogging Basics

After blogging for a few years, you might begin to skip some basic blogging tasks such as responding to comments, commenting on other blogs, building new relationships with other bloggers, and staying [more…]

Don't Act Too Entitled as a Mom Blogger

Of all the mistakes you can make as a blogger, acting too entitled draws the most ire. If you think you deserved the recognition or opportunity more than that other person, fine — but if you gossip about [more…]

Don't Fail to Plan for Success as a Mom Blogger

Most bloggers didn’t start out thinking they were going to make a living at it. They were usually just starting a blog to have fun, realized they were good at it, and then suddenly found themselves in [more…]

Take the Time to Learn the Ropes for Your Mom Blog

The general population has the perception that blogging must be really easy, cushy work — and that all you have to do is set up shop, and the freebies will start rolling in. [more…]

Build a Blog Network from Your Mom Blog

If you want to expand your blog into a blog network, it will take a significant investment of time and some money to find success with it. Several aspects of running a blog network are quite different [more…]

Benefits of Different Kinds of Blog Networks for Your Mom Blog

A blog network is a group of blogs working together to build traffic and revenue. You face a lot of technical challenges in setting up your blog network. There are also many ways to set one up. So in some [more…]

Add a Forum or Community to Your Mom Blog

If you have a blog with a very connected community of readers, you may want to consider adding a forum or member community. Any section of a blog that has conversation threads and requires membership is [more…]

Enhance Your Mom Blog with Video

Danielle Smith started her career as a television anchorwoman and has always been at ease in front of a camera. She also has been creating video content for three of the three-and-a-half years she’s been [more…]

Amplify Your Mom Blog with a Podcast

Kelly McCausey started the very first work-at-home-mom podcast in November 2003, and she frequently says, “Podcasting made me.” Although Kelly was an early adopter, it has been her consistency and perseverance [more…]

Add a Standard Text-Ad Link to Your Mom Blog Post

Text links that are a standardized written ad created by the merchant generally point to the merchant’s home page or a category page. They aren’t quite as effective as product catalog links, but still [more…]

Add Affiliate Banner Links to Your Mom Blog

Affiliate banner ads generally get a 0.10-percent click through, as compared to a 1–5-percent click through for text links. Using affiliate banners while you’re trying to get paying advertisers is the [more…]

Add a Product Catalog Link to Your Mom Blog Post

It’s very easy to add affiliate links to your blog; it isn’t much different from adding any other text link or image to a blog post. Many merchants have a [more…]

Blogs Can Create Online Communities

Blogs are no longer personal online journals but have evolved into online communities. Many businesses and individuals start blogs in order to bring in business and even make money. For example, a cosmetics [more…]

How to Create Your First Marketing Blog Post

You may think that creating content for your social marketing campaign is as simple as writing your first blog post and then uploading it to the appropriate server. But creating content involves more than [more…]

How to Customize Your Blog’s Theme

In addition to outstanding content, a standout design or customized theme will set your blog apart from the rest of the social marketing world. There’s a reason most serious bloggers pay extra money for [more…]

How to Add Images in Your Company’s Marketing Blog

When at all possible, add images to your blog posts. This is important for social media marketers because images break up the text and help to illustrate a point. They also help to catch the eye of readers [more…]

How to Set Up Syndication of Your Blog Posts to Facebook

Syndication tells NetworkedBlogs where you want your new blog posts to be posted in Facebook (and NetworkedBlogs can automatically tweet your new post, too). Syndication is a great tool to help you automate [more…]

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