Managing Your Blog

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Track Affiliate Links to Improve Mom Blog Sales

A Sub-ID, SID, is a bit of text that you can add to most affiliate links that will be tracked throughout the sales process. As you start getting more established with using affiliate links, you’ll find [more…]

Create Systems and Routines to Manage Your Mom Blogging Time

The biggest challenge professional bloggers face is time management. If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you know it’s a lot of work — probably a lot more work than you originally thought it [more…]

Scalability and Mom Blogging

Scalability is one of those absolutely annoying MBA-ish jargon words that you would probably never think would apply to a mom blogger. But what scalability really means is just that a business needs to [more…]

Plan for a Successful Mom Blog

Most successful bloggers didn’t start out planning on being successful bloggers. They started a blog for fun and then found that they could continue blogging for profit. Many of the most successful bloggers [more…]

Forge Partnerships with Other Mom Bloggers

One way to grow your capabilities as a mom blogger is to form partnerships with other bloggers. Combining resources is a powerful way of building traffic and revenue —or of getting an entirely new project [more…]

Have an Exit Strategy for Your Mom Blog

An exit strategy is definitely one of those super-businessy terms that can make your eyes roll back in your head. An exit strategy is simply what you plan on doing with your business when you don’t want [more…]

Build Your Mom Blog to Match Goals and Plans

You need to take a long-term approach to the decisions you make about how you build your mom blog today. Blogging is an extremely powerful medium, and can be like that perfect job that can take you to [more…]

Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Mom Blog

Different kinds of blogs need to be promoted in different ways. But if you take a step back from just promoting one blog, you may want to build up a way to open the doors to many career opportunities, [more…]

Hire Help for Your Mom Blogging Business

The point at which you think about hiring writers should not be when you need more content, but instead when you know you can turn that content into dollars [more…]

Find Good Writers for Your Mom Blog

There really is no shortage of writers to hire on the web. The challenge is finding good ones. A typical way to find writers is through word of mouth. Ask a few friends to write about it on their blogs [more…]

Determine How to Compensate Writers for Your Mom Blog

The amount of diversity in the ways bloggers are compensated is enormous. Some bloggers write for free, some are paid per post, some are paid a monthly fee, some are paid for a specific number of words [more…]

Put Contracts in Place to Protect Yourself and Your Mom Blog Writers

Take the time and money to create legal agreements with all your writers. Treat your business like a real business. Find a good lawyer who specializes in copyright and contract law to help you navigate [more…]

End Relationships Well with Writers for Your Mom Blog

Nothing can really soften the blow of getting fired; it’s a humiliating experience that nobody wants to have happen. Here are some of the things you can do to part ways with a writer without having to [more…]

Build a Mom Blog That's Sellable

If your long-term goal is to sell your blog, you should build it with that goal in mind. Avoid associating your blog too strongly with your personal brand. A blog that can be valuable with any writer at [more…]

Evaluate Your Mom Blog's Assets

There are some obvious aspects of a blog that would make it valuable to a buyer. Lots of traffic, regular advertisers, and quality content are pretty much the three biggies. But because lots of traffic [more…]

Determine the Value of Your Mom Blog

Determining the value of your mom blog can be a very subjective number, especially when you can consider all of the factors. The accepted standard you can use to determine a baseline value to work with [more…]

Find the Right Buyer for Your Mom Blog

Although the right buyer might approach you about your mom blog, you might have to search out a buyer. Flippa is a marketplace just for people who want to buy and sell websites. [more…]

Determine Rates to Charge Advertisers on Your Mom Blog

How do you determine what rate to charge an advertiser? The answer is always: It depends. Not all blogs or ads are created equal. It’s a common stumbling block to identify a one-size-fits-all fee to charge [more…]

How to Turn Down Advertisers for Your Mom Blog

As a blogger, your personal brand and blog’s brand are your biggest assets and should be protected as though they’re gold, because they are. So it’s quite important for you to choose what advertisers you [more…]

Create Customized Sponsorships for Brands and Advertisers

Custom campaigns are just that: custom. Creating customized campaigns for advertisers can include social media outreach with Twitter and Facebook or creating special content for a particular advertiser [more…]

Target a Sponsor for Your Mom Blog's Custom Ad Campaign

When putting together a customized advertising campaign for your mom blog, you might want to go after a particular sponsor who has much to benefit from being a part of your campaign. Here are some thoughts [more…]

Participate in Social Media Marketing Campaigns for Your Mom Blog

You’re more likely to have an opportunity to participate in an existing social media campaign than you are to sell your own right off the bat. The best thing you can do for yourself to gain access to these [more…]

Your Mom Blog and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very similar to finding regular advertisers for your blog. The key difference is that with affiliate marketing, you get paid only when you refer a sale or lead to a merchant. Multimillion-dollar [more…]

Create a Custom Affiliate URL with Pretty Link Lite

Quite a few WordPress plugins, such as Pretty Link Lite, were created specifically to help affiliate marketers. Product catalog affiliate links are usually your best bet for making an affiliate sale. The [more…]

Land a Book Deal Based on Your Mom Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to get a book deal and is also the very best way to prepare for writing a book as well. Both blog-writing and book-writing take an incredible amount of work and discipline [more…]

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