Managing Your Blog

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Use the OpenX OnRamp Ad Server for Your Mom Blog

An ad server is software that will allow you to manage all your ads from one place, even if you have more than one blog. It displays the ads, rotates them, targets them, and provides performance reports [more…]

When an Ad Network Is Right for Your Mom Blog

Only a few blogging business models conflict running ads with your best interests. This is when you’re blogging to sell your own products or to promote your professional services. Even then, running ads [more…]

Ad Network Acceptance for Your Mom Blog

Most — but definitely not all — ad networks have a minimum level of traffic that your blog must have before you can apply to join. It might be a number of page views or number of unique visitors. Sometimes [more…]

Understand the Pros and Cons of Ad Networks for Mom Bloggers

The most common complaint you hear from mom bloggers using ad networks is that they usually don’t have enough inventory to fill all the available ad views that your blog generates. Each ad network handles [more…]

Apply to Join an Ad Network for Your Mom Blog

Each of the most popular ad networks with mom bloggers has unique criteria that it requires of the publishers it works with. Each of them has a website with an application page that you can fill out to [more…]

Ask Questions before Signing an Ad Network Deal for Your Mom Blog

When you become a part of an ad network, you aren’t just agreeing to take its advertising revenue. You’re also agreeing to deliver very specific things to the ad network’s advertisers, and you need to [more…]

The BlogHer Publishing Network

The BlogHer Publishing Network was one of the first ad networks to focus on moms, and the very first to focus on mom bloggers. BlogHer now works with a far larger audience of both moms and women, and is [more…]

Moms Media Ad Network for Your Mom Blog

Moms Media is a specialty division of ValueClick, one of the largest ad networks reaching nearly 80 percent of all Internet users. Moms Media is an ad network that’s focused more on quality rather than [more…]

Burst Moms Network for Your Mom Blog

Burst Moms Network is a specialty division of Burst Media, one of the oldest established online ad networks. While Burst has a minimum traffic requirement, it does not have set terms and conditions for [more…]

IZEA: SocialSpark and SponsoredTweets

IZEA is a company that has two primary programs that match up bloggers and social media users with advertisers. Mom bloggers make up the largest segment of users — and its advertising clients are most [more…]

Google AdSense for Mom Bloggers

Google AdSense isn’t a mom-oriented ad network, nor is it the best advertising option for most mom blogs. There are certainly exceptions to this, especially if you blog about products or brands. All bloggers [more…]

Options for Selling Ads on Your Mom Blog

You basically have two ways to sells ads on your blog: selling the ads yourself or using an ad network. Ad networks sell the ads for your blog in exchange for a portion of the revenue. But if you want [more…]

Sell Banner and Text Advertising on Your Mom Blog

Selling banner and text ads may be the most common ways to sell advertising on your blog, but they’re not the only ways. Banners and text links are only a part of what you can offer to sponsors. The smaller [more…]

Deliver Value to Your Mom Blog Advertisers

Just putting an advertisement in front of your readers doesn’t mean that you’re offering your advertisers the best value for their dollars. You must have a good alignment between your advertisers and the [more…]

Find Advertisers for Your Mom Blog

Finding advertisers for your blog isn’t easy. Don’t assume that once you build it, the advertisers will come. Instead, you really have to go out and find advertisers and sell them on working with you. [more…]

Things to Avoid when Seeking Advertisers for Your Mom Blog

Finding advertisers for your blog isn’t easy. A ton of factors affect why potential advertisers would say no to you — nearly all of which have nothing to do with you or your blog. The whole hunt for advertisers [more…]

When Mom Blogging for Swag Is Okay

In some legitimate circumstances you may feel that working for free is worth your time and the publicity you offer to a brand. It can be compared to taking on an unpaid internship. If you intern and get [more…]

How to Turn Down a Brand Representative's Pitch

Some mom bloggers are concerned about turning away opportunities to work with brands, lest they lose out on future opportunities. Yet there will most definitely be times when a brand or product is really [more…]

Internet Advertising Terminology: A–C

There are hundreds of Internet advertising terms, most of which you as a mom blogger don’t really need to know. But the ones you do need to know are really important. [more…]

Internet Advertising Terminology: F–Z

There are hundreds of Internet advertising terms, most of which you as a mom blogger don’t really need to know. But the ones you do need to know are really important. [more…]

Choose Sizes and Placements for Mom Blog Ads

Every Web page is different; the ad placements that work for some will not work for others. Above-the-fold versus below-the-fold ads yield different results. The most important general rule to follow is [more…]

Examples of Affiliate Marketing Used Successfully for Mom Blogs

Writing authentic, truthful product reviews and recommendations is the most important talent a blogging affiliate marketer can have. Say you have a blog with good traffic, and you have a blog on which [more…]

Join Affiliate Networks and Programs as a Mom Blogger

An affiliate network is somewhat similar to an ad network. Almost all large e-commerce sites work with an affiliate network. Affiliate networks provide the online software to track all the traffic and [more…]

Apply to the Commission Junction Affiliate Network as a Mom Blogger

Getting started with affiliate marketing is remarkably easy. The basic process is to apply to join programs and post banners and text links after you’ve been accepted. Don’t apply to any affiliate program [more…]

Apply to Merchant Programs as a Mom Blogger

After you’re approved to become a publisher in an affiliate network, you need to apply to specific merchant programs in order to start adding links to your blog. While getting accepted into the affiliate [more…]

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