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Set Up Payment System for Mom Blog Products and Services

Mom bloggers selling products and services need a way to collect payment, such as PayPal. The great part about working with an established online marketplace is that these sites have a built-in customer [more…]

How to Sell Downloads as a Mom Blogger

PayPal can handle the payments for your products, but they can’t deliver them. E-junkie works with a payment provider like PayPal that confirms a purchase, and then sends the downloads to your customers [more…]

How to Identify Your Mom Blog Customers

You need to focus on a niche. Marketing is not just about finding the right clients, but also about avoiding the wrong clients. When you’re focusing on a niche, the first step is identifying your typical [more…]

How to Develop a Mom Blog Mailing List

Every blogger who is selling products or services should have a mailing list. Promoting your new products to your past customers is the number-one way to increase your sales! You don’t have to be selling [more…]

Choose an Easy E-mail Marketing Provider

E-mail marketing is easy, but it does take some time. The two easiest to use e-mail marketing service providers are and MailChimp. You could send out your own e-mails for free from your own [more…]

Market Research for a Line of Products or Services

As a mom blogger, it’s essential to do market research before you invest in buying, making, or developing products to sell. You can’t build a business on selling things that you love; you have to sell [more…]

Set up Signup Forms on Your Mom Blog

All e-mail marketing providers give you the ability to add an e-mail signup form to your website. How and where you add it is up to you. You want to put your important calls to action at the top of your [more…]

Create Separation between Sponsored and Editorial Content

On your mom blog, create your own separation between content that’s sponsored and editorial content — your own writing that has no direct ties to outside interests. It’s next to impossible for most mom [more…]

Design Your Mom Blog to Maximize Sales

Don’t make your blog visitors have to think about what you want them to do. Make it immediately understandable, a call to action. Knowing who your customer is and what you’re selling might seem to be basic [more…]

Create a Mom Blog Page for Brand Representatives

A great way to lay out the welcome mat for brand representatives is to direct them to a page created just for them on your mom blog. You can call it your Press page or Brand Inquiries page, or whatever [more…]

Create Mom Blog Sponsorship and Partnership Opportunities

Give brand representatives a menu of what you offer as a blogger; you will make it easier to work with you than nearly every other blogger on the planet. [more…]

Build an Attractive Mom Blog Media Kit

You can create your media kit in any word-processing or presentation software. The best way to post the kit to your blog, though, is to convert it to the Web-friendly PDF format. [more…]

Protect Yourself and Respect Your Mom Blog Value

The diversity of the mom blogosphere makes it difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer to what is too little compensation for a blogger. Brands will respect your value as much as you respect your own [more…]

Negotiate a Respectable Rate for Mom Blog Services

Many people have a difficult time setting a fair price for the services they offer. Mom bloggers are particularly disadvantaged because what they offer isn’t a flat product or service. A freelance writer [more…]

Avoid Legal Issues with Mom Blog Giveaways and Contests

It takes only a few problems to attract the attention of an Attorney General, which could change the ability of all mom bloggers to run promotions on their blogs. To ensure giveaways and contests are legal [more…]

Write Reviews on Your Mom Blog with Integrity

Mom bloggers have very diverse opinions about what constitutes a review written with integrity. Some believe that only reviews that are 100- percent uncompensated can be trustworthy. Others believe that [more…]

Decide to Write Reviews on Your Mom Blog

If writing a review blog is your long-term goal and brings in enough revenue and/or freebies that it makes your blogging time worthwhile, then there is no doubt that writing reviews fits with your business [more…]

Honesty and Compensation for Your Mom Blog

If writing paid reviews fits with your business model, then there are ways you can minimize the perception that your blog post presents a conflict of interest. Mixing money and opinion can be dangerous [more…]

Avoid Opportunities That Risk Your Blog's Reputation

When you associate your mom blog and your personal brand with a company product or brand, it is inevitable that you will both rub off on each other. Like it or not, you can and do become associated with [more…]

How Tax Laws Affect Mom Bloggers

Accepting free products constitutes income in terms of how the IRS defines income. Even if you are just mom blogging as a hobby, you still must claim the receipt of freebies as income. [more…]

Use Self-Promotion in Your Mom Blog Media Kit

The goal of a well-written media kit is to convince brand representatives and potential advertisers to work with you. The things you want to include are information about you and your blog, your traffic [more…]

How to Put an Ad HTML in a WordPress Widget

The basic process of placing an advertisement in your blog is to copy your ad HTML and paste it into your template. Your ad HTML is generally provided by your advertisers, so the addition is an easy process [more…]

How to Put an Ad HTML in a Blogger Gadget

The physical process of placing ads in your blog will vary based on the blogging platform you use and your blog template. Blogger blogs make it very easy to include advertising in their gadgets, but you [more…]

How to Select Appropriate Backup Ads for Your Mom Blog

Having backup ads in place is an important part of your advertising strategy. There may come a time when an advertiser has to abruptly pull its ads from publishers’ websites, and you don’t want to waste [more…]

Set Up a New Ad in the WordPress Advertising Manager Plugin

The Advertising Manager by Scott Switzer is built to work automatically with more than ten common ad networks and lets you manage all your ad placements in one place, with simple settings that allow you [more…]

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