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How to Improve the Meta Descriptions in Your Blog’s Design

A meta description is a short paragraph that search engines use to describe some part of your blog — a single post, a page, or the entire blog. One important component of search engine optimization [more…]

How to Design Friendlier and Smarter Blog Page Permalinks

Optimized blog page permalinks make it easier for other sites to link to you. Thus, if you design better permalinks for your blog, you will reap more blog visitors. The placement of your blog in search [more…]

Design Your Blog to Be Mobile Friendly

It’s important to design your blog for readers who visit your blog on a mobile device. Because mobile devices have small screens, your blog’s design may not appear the same as on larger devices such as [more…]

How to Start a Blog with Blogger

You can't find a better place to get introduced to blogging than Blogger. It's free, fast, and easy to use. Because you can get started so easily, you can use Blogger to play with code and discover how [more…]

How to Change Comment Settings on Your Blogger Blog

Comments are both strengths and weaknesses of the blog medium. Both readers and bloggers find the capability to leave a comment, which lets you interact or converse with a blogger, very attractive. [more…]

Basics of the Blogger Template Designer

Don't know any HTML but still want to tweak certain elements of your blog's design just a little? You're in luck — the Blogger Template Designer gives you some excellent tools to do just that. [more…]

Basics of Blogger’s Dashboard Settings

Blog software, as a rule, is quite customizable. As the owner of the blog, you can decide a number of things about the way your blog looks and works, and you can control those elements from the control [more…]

Basics of the Blogger’s Template and Layout Area

One of the fun features of Blogger allows you to choose from a number of templates for your blog. The template determines both the look and feel of your blog as well as how the blog elements appear on [more…]

How to Set Up Your Google Profile

You can’t have a blog without a profile. You lose a lot of credibility if people can’t put a face to the blog. Google takes care of that by assigning you a Google+ Profile. Think of this profile as an [more…]

Basics of Blogger Blogs

When Blogger sets up your blog, it adds it to a Dashboard that displays your new blog and any others you may have. You can use the Dashboard to get quickly to common tasks, such as writing a new post, [more…]

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