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Using a Blog to Promote Your Web Store

In essence, having a blog is like having a conversation with your customers if they came through your door in a retail setting. Many store owners use their blogs to discuss new inventory purchases, upcoming [more…]

Where to Find Blogging Help

You're not the only one blogging, whether you're using Whether you’re blogging with Google Blogger or through some other host, you’re not the only one out there sharing thoughts, experiences, graphics, [more…]

Free Blog Templates

Google Blogger helps you with the basics of creating your own blog, but you want your blog to reflect your personality, don’t you? Well, templates that you can use and adapt as your creativity dictates [more…]

How to Promote Your Blog

Once you have a blog, , whether with Google Blogger or other blogging software, you want to promote it and invite people to check it out. The Internet is full of tools to help you spread the news about [more…]

How to Make Money from Your Blog

You’re out there blogging with Google Blogger or some other host, bringing many sets of eyes to your Web site. Where’s the harm in making a little money for your efforts? The Web is full of ways to make [more…]

Google Blogger For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A public diary and so much more, your blog is a statement about you, so whether you use Google Blogger or another host, you want to personalize your blog with templates, have people read it, and maybe [more…]

How to Sign up with Google Blogger

If you don’t already have a Google Blogger blog set up, it only takes a few clicks to get your mom blog up and running. If you already have a free Google account, which you have if you use any of Google’s [more…]

Set up Your New Google Blogger Blog

After you’ve signed up with Google Blogger (or if you already have a Google account, after you’ve signed in), you’re taken to the Blogger Dashboard.

Here, you set up your mom blog by following these steps [more…]

How to Install a Google Blogger Template

With Google Blogger, you can either use the built-in template designs, or install a template from an outside source. Mom bloggers can find well-designed Blogger templates with a search engine. [more…]

How to Customize a Google Blogger Template

As a mom blogger, you might have to make some basic edits in the built-in Google Template Designer or use Blogger gadgets, sometimes referred to as widgets. [more…]

Add a Google Blogger Gadget to Your Mom Blog

Blogger gadgets work like WordPress widgets. In fact, gadgets are also sometimes called widgets on Blogger. You can add gadgets in your header, sidebar, and footer. Gadgets can appear in many different [more…]

Blogger Pros and Cons for Mom Bloggers

Blogger and WordPress squash the competition as platforms for setting up new blogs. Each platform has benefits and drawbacks. Google Blogger is for those who are not convinced that they will need the extra [more…]

How to Create a Mom Blog with Curb Appeal

Creating an appealing blog can be accomplished through the use of logos and themes (WordPress or Google Blogger). You might be the world’s most brilliant and engaging writer, but if your blog is difficult [more…]

Improve Mom Blog Appearance with Themes

Successful mom bloggers all have one thing in common — their blog templates are absolutely beautiful and extremely well designed. Besides professional logos, Google Blogger and WordPress offer themes that [more…]

Add Subhead Tags in Google Blogger

Adding subheading tags to your mom blog content is easy in Google Blogger. You’ll first want to have a blog post written with one or more subheadings included as separate paragraphs. Use Heading 2 sparingly [more…]

Google Analytics Pages Per Visitor and Average Length of Visit Reports

The Pages Per Visitor and Average Length of Visit reports are important reports in Google Analytics. These reports give you insights into your mom blog readers and important information you need when you’re [more…]

Google Analytics Traffic Sources Report

The Traffic Sources report is one of the most important reports in Google Analytics. This report gives you insights into your blog readers and the most important information you need when you’re preparing [more…]

Google Analytics Top Content Report

The Top Content report is one of the most important reports in Google Analytics. This report shows the most popular posts on your mom blog. Your popular content gives you insight into why your readers [more…]

Google Analytics Top Keywords Report

The Top Keywords report is one of the most important reports in Google Analytics. This report gives you insights into your blog readers and the most important information you need when you’re preparing [more…]

Mom Blog Audience Demographics

Quantcast is a free tool that measures your audience demographics automatically, using estimates based on sample users who share their surfing information with Quantcast via a toolbar. After your measurement [more…]

Analytics Data Provides Insights about Mom Blog Audience

The Google Analytics and Quantcast analytic tools measure your influence and translate it into the numbers and data brands need to see. Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of traffic. There are gems to [more…]

Google Drops Page Rank for Bloggers Displaying Text-Link Ads

In a very controversial 2007 decision, Google took the unprecedented move of dropping the page rank of websites that displayed text-link ads. It didn’t just affect bloggers; large news websites such as [more…]

How to Add NoFollow Tag

The NoFollow tag was created as a way to disclose to search engines that although your mom blogging site is adding a link to a certain destination, it is not endorsing the destination site. Initially used [more…]

How Google Defines a Paid Link

Google has gone so far as to suggest that any and all links within a sponsored post should be treated as sponsored links, even if you are linking to a friend or other reference source not financially connected [more…]

How to Put an Ad HTML in a Blogger Gadget

The physical process of placing ads in your blog will vary based on the blogging platform you use and your blog template. Blogger blogs make it very easy to include advertising in their gadgets, but you [more…]

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