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5 Useful Wordpress Plugins

If you're blogging on a self-hosted Platform using WordPress software, it's time to customize your blog with plug-ins — software that can be "plugged in [more…]

7 Ways to Conquer Writer's Block as a Blogger

Every blogger encounters writer's block at one time or another. If you're the type of blogger who pushes content out daily, writer's block can be downright stifling. Not able to take a break to get your [more…]

Blog Photography to Inspire

Photographs, videos, and voice recordings can introduce a blogger to a huge new audience. To better understand the power of photography on a blog as well as find inspiration for your own site, stop by [more…]

5 Quick Twitter Tips for Bloggers

In case you haven't already heard, Twitter is essential to blog promotion. Beyond the basics of creating an account and beginning to tweet, new users can find it tough to figure out the best practices [more…]

Exploring Advertising Networks for Bloggers

Although most bloggers set out to join the blogosphere as a hobby, many quickly realize that page views often translate to dollars. Whether you want to include advertising on your site simply to pay your [more…]

10 Blogs for Bloggers

It's time to get to know other blogs, blogs that exist for you — a blogger! That's right, now that you've joined the ranks of other bloggers and entered the blogosphere, it's time to check out the content [more…]

Bonus Chapters for Blogging For Dummies, 5th Edition

Blogs, sidebars, blogrolls, RSS — this medium has more jargon than you can shake a stick at. Bonus Chapter 1 provides definitions of all those weird blog terms that have sprung up in recent years. Don’t [more…]