Blog Basics

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Select a Blogging Platform — Hosted or Self-Hosted

If you’re starting a blog from scratch, you need to choose a blog platform before you can start working on your blog design. Choosing a blog platform isn’t an easy decision because blog platforms come [more…]

Uncover Navigation Issues with Your Blog's Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your blog without visiting more than one page. If I land on your home page, read awhile, and then leave your blog, that counts as a bounce. If they [more…]

Use Google Analytics to Highlight Blog Content

You want visitors to notice your best content. Looking at your most viewed content in Google Analytics can help you undercover ways to bring that content to a new audience. To see the most viewed content [more…]

Use Google Analytics to Look at Your Blog's Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is the traffic you receive that comes from sites other than search engines. You might receive traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or [more…]

Study In-Page Analytics to See How Users Navigate Your Blog

One of the coolest features of Google Analytics is the In-Page Analytics. This feature lays data over your actual blog design to give you a nice visual representation of where people click within your [more…]

How Visitors Click through Blogs

Just as humans are diverse, they’re also creatures of habit. They do things in similar ways and feel more comfortable when things are a certain way and in a certain order. Certain web and blog designs [more…]

Blog Anatomy: How to Dissect a Typical Blog

Baker Rose Levy Beranbaum's blog, Real Baking with Rose Levy Beranbaum, uses the elements of a typical blog — and a few more bells and whistles as well. [more…]

How to Choose a Blog Topic

You can find blog topics all over the map. If you haven't already read a blog, follow these simple steps to find one and read it, which is the best possible way to become familiar with the medium: [more…]

How to Design a Successful Blog

Blog design is a very personal experience. The blog that you're starting is a reflection of you and your professional life. The decisions you make about how your blog looks are just as important as the [more…]

Introduction to Blogging

One reason for so many blogs is the ease with which they can be set up and published. The early days of the Internet were full of heady talk about the democratization of publishing; people discussed how [more…]

How to Assess Your Level of Commitment to Your Blog

Productivity gurus will tell you that individuals who are looking for advice think with their short-term brains. When starting a new project, like a blog, you rarely think beyond the end of the calendar [more…]

What Happens When You Publish a Blog?

Blogging is a very immediate medium: When you publish a post, it usually goes live on your blog right away. In fact, several things typically happen the moment you click the Publish button: [more…]

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