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Create a Press Room on Your Mom Blog

A press room page is a collection of article links, videos, and audio interviews wherever you’ve been mentioned in the media. Few things convey professionalism and credibility better than getting mentioned [more…]

Become a Resource to the Mom Blogging Community

When you give something to the blogging community as a whole, the community will remember and reward you for it. Networking with other bloggers is the very best way to get yourself established when you [more…]

Constructing a Food Photo Setup for Your Blog

Food bloggers don't need an elaborate setup to photograph food. This photo depicts the typical food photography setup in which the light source comes in from the 3 o’clock position. The fill card is placed [more…]

Engaging Food Blog Readers

Although every post on a food blog should be aimed at engaging the audience, certain posts will elicit more of a response than others. Popular food bloggers can post a recipe and get more comments than [more…]

Abbreviating Recipe Measurements for Your Food Blog

Whether your recipes appear in blogs, books, or magazines, be sure to use a consistent recipe style; it indicates credibility and professionalism. The table shows common measurements and options for abbreviations [more…]

Maximizing SEO in Food Blog Titles

The more visible a food blog is to search engines, the higher it appears in search-engine results, and the more likely an online user is to find it. Here are two critical tips for making the most of organic [more…]

Essential Items in a Blogger's Food-Styling Kit

A food-styling kit — an essential tool for food bloggers — helps you stage food for photographs. Here's a short list of tools for your food-styling kit, but remember that these tools are for food styling [more…]

Blog Money Makers

Blogs can be just for fun, but they can also turn a profit. If you want to earn money from your blog, check out these popular monetization opportunities: [more…]

Popular Blogging Applications

Many online tools and applications allow you to create a blog, but not all these tools are equal. Some offer far more customization and functionality than others. Following are some of the most popular [more…]

Finding Blog Help and Resources Online

Even the most seasoned bloggers have questions and need help sometimes. Following are some of the best websites and blogs to find blogging tips, help, and resources: [more…]

Getting Traffic to Your Blog

To grow your blog's readership and (dare we say?) fan base, check out these tools and start promoting your blog and content across the social web: [more…]

How to Register Your Blog with NetworkedBlogs on Facebook

NetworkedBlogs is the most popular method of importing your blog posts into your Facebook business Page automatically. You import your blog into both your Page and your personal Profile. After you import [more…]

How to Verify Ownership of Your Marketing Blog

If you select the Ask Friends to Verify You option, a screen listing all your Facebook Friends appears, and you can select who gets a request to verify that you own your blog. After you select the Friends [more…]

Search the Blogosphere for Social CRM Blogging Ideas

When you’re planning your company blog for Social CRM, you want to make sure you get an idea of what others — especially your competitors — are doing. Make a point of looking at several blogs and taking [more…]

How to Write Brand Posts for Your Social CRM Blog

Your Social CRM brand posts should engage the customers and make them feel like you’re interested in what they have to say. Like any good social media content, you want to develop a dialogue with your [more…]

Create a Vector Graphic for Your Blog’s Design

Use Inkscape to create simple vector graphics to enhance the design of your blog. You might create an icon to highlight a special section on your blog or to create a social media button by placing a social [more…]

Properly Size Images to Compliment Your Blog’s Design

To properly incorporate images into your blog’s design, you need to consider such restraints as load time, column size, word flow, and design elements. You need images to add visual appeal, but you don’t [more…]

Design an Effective Start Here Page for Your Blog

Effective Start Here pages make it easy for a new visitor to navigate your blog. A new visitor can use the information you include on your blog’s Start Here page to get up to speed on your content and [more…]

Design an Effective About Page for Your Blog

An About page is the first place visitors go to find out more about you and your blog. Your blog’s About page needs to not only impress but inform. Visitors will look at your About page and decide not [more…]

Add a Search Box to Your Blog’s Design in WordPress

Including a search box in your blog’s design is a must have. Visitors expect to see a search box on your blog so they can search for blog posts they’ve read previously or blog posts on a particular topic [more…]

Add Images to Your Blog’s Menu Design in WordPress

Adding images to your navigation menu adds flair to your blog design and provides a place to extend your brand. Menu images on a blog can also play a more functional role by adding more context to a menu [more…]

Design a Photo Collage for Your Blog with PicMonkey

On a blog, a photo collage allows you to present more images in a smaller space than they’d take up if you inserted the photos one after another in a blog post. Photo collages can also make looking at [more…]

4 Must-Have Elements to Include in Your Blog’s Sidebar Design

Your blog’s sidebar is important real estate that should include the elements you want to feature most. When designing your blog’s sidebar, you can pull from an almost endless list of sidebar elements. [more…]

5 Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Sidebar Design

A blog’s sidebar is important real estate that can help sell your brand. Choose carefully what to include in your blog’s sidebar (and what not to include), and set your blog apart from others by highlighting [more…]

Improve Blog Design with Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text of a hyperlink. Good anchor text design makes it easy for visitors to identify a hyperlink and explore your blog. Bad anchor text leaves visitors to your blog in the dark. [more…]

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