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How to Customize Backgrounds in Twenty Ten WordPress Themes

The WordPress Twenty Ten theme has a built-in custom background feature that allows you to change the background to a different color or use an image for it. [more…]

How to Find, Evaluate, and Install Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress themes are cropping up all over the web, but a handful stand out with quality products and services. iThemes,, and Organic Themes are very stable and have a successful [more…]

How to Edit WordPress Files with FileZilla

You will run into situations where you need to edit certain WordPress files that live on your web server. You can download a WordPress file from your web server, open it, edit it, save it, and then upload [more…]

How to Use Tags with WordPress Content

Tagging your WordPress posts with micro-keywords, or tags, helps drill down related content, which is good for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. Tags on WordPress posts also provide additional [more…]

Free FTP Programs to Upload and Download WordPress Files

You use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to perform various tasks, such as uploading and downloading WordPress files, editing WordPress files, and changing WordPress file permissions. The ability to use FTP [more…]

Custom Navigation Menus in Twenty Ten WordPress Theme

Navigation menus list links displayed on your website. In the Twenty Ten theme, you can define navigation menus on your site through the built-in menus feature in WordPress. These links can link to pages [more…]

How to Determine What Kind of WordPress Designer You Are

These days, the term designer encompasses many things relating to the world of WordPress web design. A WordPress graphic designer has the ability and creativity to create graphics from scratch, or to modify [more…]

Register a Domain Name for a WordPress Blog or Site

Before you can even think about building themes and designing with WordPress, the first step is registering a domain name for your new site. Setting up WordPress correctly the first time is important and [more…]

Compare Web Hosting Services

Basic requirements need to be in place before you can install WordPress on a web server. Explore web hosting environments and know which factors to take into consideration to determine the type of hosting [more…]

Premium WordPress Themes and Frameworks

Premium WordPress themes and frameworks offer you an easy way to help yourself, your friends, and your clients design a nice-looking website quickly using WordPress for a lower cost than it would take [more…]

How to Assign a Static Page as the Front Page in WordPress

With Wordpress, you can use your website’s front page as a static page or portal, which can include a link to an internal blog page. A portal is a page that contains snippets from other sections of your [more…]

Adding a Blog to Your Website

With WordPress Dashboard, you can add a blog to anywhere within your website, not just the front page. To create a blog for your site with Dashboard, first you need to create a blank page. [more…]

How to Alter Images in a Wordpress Gallery Using HTML

After uploading images to a WordPress photo gallery, you can edit the page using HTML to manually set the display settings for your photo gallery. [more…]

WordPress Category Templates

Using Page and Category templates, you can provide a different type of reader experience by defining the style with CSS and the features and functions with template tags. [more…]

Free WordPress Plugins for Creating a Photo Gallery or Portfolio

Some great WordPress plugins work in tandem with the WordPress gallery feature. Photo galleries enable you to include a gallery or portfolio of visual design work, such as web designers and logo designers [more…]

Edit a WordPress Theme to Include Photo Gallery Styles

A WordPress photo gallery is useful for anyone who needs to include a portfolio of visual design work. To make the photo gallery look the way you like, edit the stylesheet for your theme to include the [more…]

How to Optimize Your Post and Page Titles for Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of preparing your WordPress website to make it as easy as possible for the major search engines to crawl it and cache your data in their systems so that [more…]

How to Write Content with Keywords for Search Engines

Your blog posts and pages on your WordPress website should contain keywords to ensure that search engines display your content in the first page of results so that people will find your site. [more…]

How to Use WordPress Categories to Attract Search Engines

The names you give the categories you’ve created provide rich keywords that attract search engines to your WordPress website. To get your site to rise to the top of search results, you'll want to make [more…]

How to Use the ALT Attribution for Images in WordPress

To extend SEO (search engine optimization) in WordPress, you can add keywords to your site by placing ALT attributes within in your image tags to further define and describe the images. You can accomplish [more…]

How to Plant Keywords in Your WordPress Site with Permalinks

For higher rankings for your WordPress website, use custom permalinks with keywords. By using custom permalinks, you automatically insert keywords into the URLs of your posts and pages, letting search [more…]

Corel PaintShop Photo Pro in WordPress Design

Corel PaintShop Photo Pro is one of the two most common raster-based graphic software programs used by WordPress designers. These programs have vector capabilities, but they aren’t known as vector-editing [more…]

Adobe Photoshop in WordPress Design

Adobe Photoshop is one of the two most common raster-based graphic software programs used by WordPress designers. These programs have vector capabilities, but they aren’t known as vector-editing programs [more…]

WordPress Links (Bookmarks) Template Tag

WordPress themes use a combination of template tags to display certain types of content, such as links (or bookmarks), blog posts, navigation menus, page content, archive links, and so on. Take a look [more…]

WordPress Categories Template Tag

WordPress lets you create categories and assign posts to a specific category (or multiple categories). Categoriesprovide an organized navigation system that helps you and your visitors find posts you’ve [more…]

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