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Blogs about Blogging

As you start your TypePad blogging experience, you'll likely have questions about how the blogging community works as a whole. You can find plenty of technical support at the [more…]

Blogging Help from TypePad Resources

TypePad and SixApart (TypePad's parent company) are known for their online help files. You can find answers to your blogging questions (whether it's how to build community or how to customize your blog's [more…]

TypePad Dashboard Shortcuts

On the main page of your TypePad blog, the green strip across the top is the Dashboard — your account-level navigation bar. Use the TypePad Dashboard to access your core TypePad account, not just your [more…]

TypePad For Dummies Cheat Sheet

TypePad is a powerful and simple blogging platform that appeals to bloggers of all levels. Discover resources—both inside and outside TypePad—so you'll always know where to find the best blogging tips. [more…]

BuddyPress and WordPress MU Support Forums

You must run WordPress MU before you can use BuddyPress. Here is where you can find communities of WordPress and BuddyPress users helping one another with troubleshooting, tips, and advice: [more…]

Outsourcing BuddyPress Programming and Design

Several talented consultants can help you get your WordPress MU and BuddyPress community up and running with some custom programming and design work. The following table lists these consultants and provides [more…]

BuddyPress Glossary

Sometimes, the simple terminology used to describe different features can be confusing. Here is a quick look at the terms involved with the key BuddyPress components, along with a description. [more…]

Public Relations Tips for Promoting Your Blog

Blogs provide news and commentary one to two days ahead of major media. Those two days can make a big difference in the world of public relations. Blogs build buzz, so after you’ve launched your blog, [more…]

How to Write Popular, Successful Blogs

Blogging is one of fastest growing forms of communication. It’s easy, cheap and is a great way to develop your writing skills and get your voice heard. Blogs can take a number of forms – commentaries, [more…]

Finding the Right Platform for Your Corporate Blog

The first place to start your corporate blog is by choosing a blogging platform. You have choices of hosted and self-hosted platforms. Your corporate blog can be set up on many different platforms, depending [more…]

Corporate Blogging SEO Best Practices

Search engine traffic can dramatically impact the success of your corporate blogging strategy. Corporate blogging programs that implement search engine optimization best practices into their blogging strategy [more…]

Improving Blog User Experience with Plug-ins

A number of different technologies can enhance your blog. Plug-ins, widgets, and gadgets all make new features, integrations, and enhancements easy to package and distribute. These technologies are evolving [more…]

Corporate Blogging Resources

Having additional resources available is always helpful. Anyone creating a blog for the first time can your all the ideas, insight, and tools they can get their hands on. Here is a list of handy resources [more…]

Corporate Blogging For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Make the most of your corporate blog by choosing the correct blogging platform, incorporating SEO best practices in your corporate blog content, using plug-ins to increase the value of a visitor’s experience [more…]

Setting Your Professional Blogging Objectives

The first step in your professional blog plan is to define your goals and objectives, just as you would with any business endeavor. In the simplest terms, here are some questions you need to consider: [more…]

Getting to Know the Common Types of Blog Content

For your professional blog, you can use multiple types of blog content, although you probably want to limit yourself to one or two. The type of content you choose isn't the same thing as the subject matter [more…]

Monetizing Your Blog

The main ways to make money on a blog are through advertising (including affiliate marketing ads and pay-per-post opportunities), product sales, and professional services like writing and consulting: [more…]

Blog Development Checklist

From thinking of a name and finding a webhost to writing your first blog post, you've got a few things to do before your blog is up and running. Use this checklist to keep track of the important tasks [more…]

Creating an Editorial Mission for Your Blog

An important element in any blog plan is the editorial mission. Here are some statements for you to fill in to get you started thinking about the editorial mission for your blog: [more…]

Professional Blogging For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Maybe you have an idea for a blog but aren't sure where to start to make it a reality. Perhaps you already have a blog but are looking for ways to expand your audience and make money from it. Improve your [more…]

What Do You Need to Install WordPress?

Installing WordPress is a multi-step process that involves setting up your MySQl database, uploading the WordPress installation files and finally running the install script. By the time you’re finally [more…]

How to Create a Category on Your WordPress Blog

In WordPress, a category is what you determine to be the main topic of a blog post. Through the use of categories, you can file your blog posts into topics, by subject. To improve your readers’ experiences [more…]

How to Change Your WordPress Blog’s Background

To make your WordPress blog reflect your personality, you might want to control the colors your blog uses. The Twenty Ten WordPress theme is packaged with an option that allows you to change the background [more…]

How to Add a WordPress Blog to Your Web Site

A lot of people use their blog as the first page of their Web site, but your blog may not be the first thing you want site visitors to see. If you want your WordPress blog on your site but don’t want to [more…]

How to Create Sidebar Templates for Your WordPress Blog

You can create separate sidebar templates for different pages of your site by using a simple includestatement. When you write an includestatement, you’re simply telling WordPress that you want it to include [more…]

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