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How to Manage Events on Ning

When you create an event on Ning, you can make changes to it and manage many of its features. Each event has the following management options available to the administrator, which you can find by clicking [more…]

How to Promote a Member of Your Ning Group to Administrator

Don't take promoting someone to an Administrator of your Ning network lightly, because Administrators have a lot of power in the network (power to do things and to undo them, including the removal — accidental [more…]

How to Invite People to Your Ning Network

Inviting people to join your Ning network starts with clicking the Invite link on your Ning network's navigation bar. When you click it, you're presented with a series of options: [more…]

How to Send Messages to All Members of Your Ning Network

Just because you can send messages to all members of your Ning network, you don't want to do it all the time: As a general guideline, one message to all your members once a week may be close to too much [more…]

How to Ban Members from Your Ning Network

You may be able to avoid banning a member of your Ning network by reaching out to him or her via private messages first. You can explain why the member's actions or posted content could lead you to ban [more…]

How to Use Your Own Domain Name for Your Ning Network

For a splash of personality, add your own domain name to your Ning network. Although the .ning.comappendage at the end of all networks on Ning could be considered a minor thing, using your own domain name [more…]

How to Get More Ning Network Storage and Bandwidth

By default, your Ning network lets you store 10GB of content and use up to 100GB of bandwidth. According to Ning, this is roughly equivalent to a network with approximately 5,000 photos or 500 videos. [more…]

How to Control the Ads on Your Ning Network

By default, your Ning network displays AdSense ads in the right column. If someone clicks an ad, any revenue generated goes to Ning. If you want to obtain revenue from running ads on your network or you [more…]

How to Remove Ning Promotional Links from Your Network

Networks on Ning by default carry several Ning promotion links. These promotions appear at the top-left of the network, in the footer, and in the right column. When you buy this premium service, the top-left [more…]

How to Choose a Language with the Ning Language Editor

The Ning Language Editor is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal for customizing your network to the max. The Ning Language Editor helps you make your network interface [more…]

How to Change Your Ning Network's Welcome E-Mail Message

When new members join your Ning network, they receive a "welcome" e-mail message that essentially thanks them for joining and provides them with a link to your network. You can edit this welcome e-mail [more…]

How to Translate Your Ning Network to an Unsupported Language

Although Ning supports 18 languages, with so many languages in the world, you may need to translate your network to one that Ning doesn't support. Create a new translation: [more…]

How to Edit Applications on Your Ning Profile

All the applications that you add to your Ning profile page have an Edit button at the top-right. If you want to edit your application, you can easily do so: [more…]

How to Add a New Page to Your Ning Network

You can easily create and add a new page to your Ning network as you create new content for your social network. To add new pages, you use the Ning Tab Manager. [more…]

How to Add a Favicon to Your Ning Network

By default, your Ning network’s network icon appears as its favicon (only smaller). However, you can also add a different favicon to your Ning network, if you want. [more…]

Allowing Other Members to Download Music You've Posted on Ning

So you've posted music selections on Ning, and now others want you to share. If you trust the other Ning network members to do the right thing by copyrighted music, you can allow Music Player tracks to [more…]

How to Add Notes to Your Ning Network

Notes is not included by default among the features that launch with your Ning network, so before you can add any notes, you need to make sure to add Notes as a feature to your Ning network: [more…]

How to Moderate Comments on Your Ning Comments Wall

Anybody in your Ning network can leave you a message on your Comment Wall: People leaving messages don’t have to be your friends. Ning provides you the means to control what appears and what doesn’t on [more…]

How to Add Photos to Ning One by One

If you have only a photo or two that you want to upload to Ning, or if you’re having problems with Ning's bulk uploader, you can use the simple uploader: [more…]

How to Control E-Mails You Receive from Ning

E-mail is one of those mixed blessings. You have to be thankful for it, but it can be a disgrace when it’s out of control. Thankfully, networks on Ning give you very fine control over what e-mails you [more…]

How to Add or Accept Friends on Ning

Friends in social networks, as in real life, are the people you trust enough to tell them things you wouldn’t share with others out there. You can add friends to your Ning account and accept friendship [more…]

How to Block or Remove Friends on Ning

Occasionally, you may be annoyed by someone who's your friend in a Ning network. You can block such a user without removing him or her as a friend. And sometimes, friendships get tarnished, so you want [more…]

How to View Photos on a Ning Network

When you join a network on Ning, you can check out the photos provided by the other network members, as well as mark photos you want to keep tabs on as Favorites. [more…]

Getting to Know the TypePad TypeLists

In TypePad, you use the TypeList feature to add to your blog's sidebar. A TypeList is TypePad's way of organizing sidebar information without requiring you to mess with your blog's template code. TypeLists [more…]

TypePad Blogs: How to Insert a Sidebar Image

Including a sidebar image in your TypePad blog is an excellent way to promote another Web site, blog, or product. Sidebar images are usually fairly small [more…]

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