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Mom Bloggers Teach What They Know

If your blog is a teaching or informational kind of blog, freely give your advice and expertise away in your blog posts. You may be concerned about giving away expertise for free, but keep in mind that [more…]

Mom Bloggers Should Speak at Events and Conferences

Nothing boosts your visibility among the blogging community more than when you speak at events attended by your readers and peers. Speaking on a topic gives you instant credibility that can be achieved [more…]

How to Apply to Speak at Events

You have to be able to submit compelling speaking proposals to prove you can offer more value to event attendees than another potential speaker. The pool of speaking talent is growing faster than the number [more…]

Prominent Mom Blogging Events

Going to conferences can become an expensive habit, especially because many of them don’t pay a speaker’s fee and may not reimburse you for travel expenses. If you are speaking, you will most likely attend [more…]

Write a Mom Blogger Biography to Impress

You want a biography to simply highlight your achievements and allow people to get to know you — in a paragraph. Yes, it’s a lot to ask of five to eight sentences. Biographies are not the easiest thing [more…]

How to Attract Media Coverage as a Mom Blogger

Getting your name or blog in front of hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of people is a huge achievement; as you might expect, it’s not easily accomplished. It takes a lot of time, work, and credibility [more…]

How to Write Effective E-mail Campaigns

Writing effective e-mail marketing campaigns is an art — and a science. Thousands of articles have been written juston writing e-mail subject lines. And on top of that, what you write for an informational [more…]

How to Adapt Journalistic Standards to Mom Blogging

While journalistic standards are slightly different for print, broadcast, and online organizations, they share common elements of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness, and public [more…]

How to Write an Editorial Policy for Your Mom Blog

Writing an editorial policy for your mom blog will help you in more ways than guiding your ethics. An editorial policy is a short document that clarifies what subjects you will and won’t write about on [more…]

FTC Guidelines Affect Mom Bloggers

In 2009, the FTCreleased updated advertising guidelines that hadn’t been revised in nearly 30 years and that now impact bloggers. Most of the media and public attention was focused on the new rules about [more…]

Disclosures and FTC Guidelines for Mom Bloggers

Now the law requires you to disclose any material relationships that you have with brands or advertisers when you write a review or recommend something to your readers. The material relationships you must [more…]

Google Drops Page Rank for Bloggers Displaying Text-Link Ads

In a very controversial 2007 decision, Google took the unprecedented move of dropping the page rank of websites that displayed text-link ads. It didn’t just affect bloggers; large news websites such as [more…]

How to Add NoFollow Tag

The NoFollow tag was created as a way to disclose to search engines that although your mom blogging site is adding a link to a certain destination, it is not endorsing the destination site. Initially used [more…]

How Google Defines a Paid Link

Google has gone so far as to suggest that any and all links within a sponsored post should be treated as sponsored links, even if you are linking to a friend or other reference source not financially connected [more…]

How to Craft a Privacy Policy for Your Mom Blog

If you aren’t selling anything on your mom blog, you may wonder why you need a privacy policy. Some advertisers and ad networks may require you to have one. Also, because your blog probably accepts comments [more…]

Ensure Your Giveaways and Contests Are Legal

When running promotions on the Internet comply with your own local laws and with the laws of where every single one of your participants lives. Mom bloggers most commonly call a giveaway promotion a [more…]

Choose an Online Marketplace

For selling physical products, the key to using a mom blog effectively to send traffic to your online store is to use a soft-sell approach. It’s hard to build up a loyal audience if your blog is simply [more…]

Set Up Payment System for Mom Blog Products and Services

Mom bloggers selling products and services need a way to collect payment, such as PayPal. The great part about working with an established online marketplace is that these sites have a built-in customer [more…]

How to Sell Downloads as a Mom Blogger

PayPal can handle the payments for your products, but they can’t deliver them. E-junkie works with a payment provider like PayPal that confirms a purchase, and then sends the downloads to your customers [more…]

How to Identify Your Mom Blog Customers

You need to focus on a niche. Marketing is not just about finding the right clients, but also about avoiding the wrong clients. When you’re focusing on a niche, the first step is identifying your typical [more…]

How to Develop a Mom Blog Mailing List

Every blogger who is selling products or services should have a mailing list. Promoting your new products to your past customers is the number-one way to increase your sales! You don’t have to be selling [more…]

Choose an Easy E-mail Marketing Provider

E-mail marketing is easy, but it does take some time. The two easiest to use e-mail marketing service providers are and MailChimp. You could send out your own e-mails for free from your own [more…]

Create a Press Room on Your Mom Blog

A press room page is a collection of article links, videos, and audio interviews wherever you’ve been mentioned in the media. Few things convey professionalism and credibility better than getting mentioned [more…]

Market Research for a Line of Products or Services

As a mom blogger, it’s essential to do market research before you invest in buying, making, or developing products to sell. You can’t build a business on selling things that you love; you have to sell [more…]

Become a Resource to the Mom Blogging Community

When you give something to the blogging community as a whole, the community will remember and reward you for it. Networking with other bloggers is the very best way to get yourself established when you [more…]

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