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How to Sell Products as a Mom Blogger

One of the five common business models that most successful bloggers use to earn their revenue is selling a product. If you have your own products to sell, or are primarily dedicated to selling others’ [more…]

Promote Yourself as a Freelancer or Consultant

One of the five common business models that most successful mom bloggers use to earn their revenue is promoting themselves as a freelancer or consultant. If you are a freelancer or consultant, then using [more…]

How to Earn from Advertising and Sponsorship

One of the five common business models that most successful mom bloggers use to earn their revenue is through advertising and sponsorship. Advertising and sponsorship revenue suits a blog best when the [more…]

How to Leverage Your Blog into Career Opportunities

One of the five common business models that most successful mom bloggers use to earn their revenue is to leverage their blog into a career opportunity. As more and more companies realize the value that [more…]

Build a Platform as a Well-Known Influencer

One of the five common business models that most successful mom bloggers use to earn their revenue is to build a platform as a well-known influencer. You need to prove that you have what it takes to draw [more…]

Personal Writing Style as a Mom Blogger

As a mom blogger, you must balance your need to write for pleasure with the need to give something to your readers in every single post. Even if you’re already an established writer, developing your personal [more…]

How Privacy Affects Your Family and Mom Blogging Business

Blogging is a balancing act between finding ways to share personal stories while setting boundaries about the things you refuse to share publicly. Even the bloggers who seem to bare it all have certain [more…]

Personal and Professional Boundaries for Mom Bloggers

In an interview, Heather Armstrong of revealed how she crossed personal and professional boundaries, the result of which was losing her job and hurting her family. Heather Armstrong started blogging [more…]

Change a Personal Mom Blog into a Business

To take your personal blog and turn it into a business, two of the most important things you can do are grow thicker skin and consciously start looking at your blog objectively from an outsider’s point [more…]

How to Profit from Mom Blogging without Selling Out

Selling out is a term used for compromising your integrity, principles, or morals to gain money or success. The problem is, if everyone had the same principles and definition of integrity, there wouldn’t [more…]

Identify Mom Blogging Topics You’re Passionate About

To determine your passion, you have to love a topic enough to be willing to write about it for free. While it’s a nearly exact science to determine how many people are interested in a given topic, identifying [more…]

How to Create a Mom Blog with Curb Appeal

Creating an appealing blog can be accomplished through the use of logos and themes (WordPress or Google Blogger). You might be the world’s most brilliant and engaging writer, but if your blog is difficult [more…]

Improve Mom Blog Appearance with Themes

Successful mom bloggers all have one thing in common — their blog templates are absolutely beautiful and extremely well designed. Besides professional logos, Google Blogger and WordPress offer themes that [more…]

How to Find Photos with Creative Common Licenses on Flickr

To use other people’s images in your mom blog posts, you need to ensure the images are not copyrighted. Creative Commons helps copyright owners protect their work. [more…]

How Creative Commons Affects Mom Bloggers

Creative Commons (CC) offers six levels of protections to copyright owners. If you ever display the copyrighted work of others on your blog, you need to ensure that each author allows this manner of re-publication [more…]

Reasons to Network with Other Mom Bloggers

To build a new mom blog, you need to network with other mom bloggers. Networking helps you find new readers, do cross promotions, build links, and find new opportunities. [more…]

Attract New Readers with Social Media

As a mom blogger, promoting yourself and your sites on Twitter and Facebook is as necessary as having a blog. Not too long ago, Facebook was only open to college students, and Twitter didn’t even publicly [more…]

How to Set Up a Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is truly one of the best places to promote yourself as both a brand and a blogger. Women outnumber men on Facebook, and moms are one of the fastest-growing groups of people signing up. If you [more…]

Monetization Plan of Action for Mom Blogging Business

To make money from your mom blog, choose a blogging business model that best fits your work style and blogging ambitions. Though blogging is largely about doing what you love and playing to your strengths [more…]

How to Create a Sales Funnel

Mom bloggers who are selling services should building a formal sales funnel, which builds the most solid online business possible. A sales funnel works by attracting potential customers with free or very-low-cost [more…]

Set Your Mom Blog Apart with Personal Brand

A personal brand is the combination of your areas of expertise, your personality, and your interests, which combine to project a unique image to the world. Your blog is not you, but it is an extension [more…]

Set Your Mom Blog Apart with Blog Brand

A blog brand is the combination of several factors such as the name, design, topics, and writing style of a blog, which all send signals about what readers can expect from reading a blog. Your blog’s brand [more…]

How to Start Networking with Other Mom Bloggers

You can use an informal formula to network with other mom bloggers online. It’s not an exact science and not everyone responds, but most people do. It’s based on a simple principle — what goes around, [more…]

Use Photography and Images in Mom Blog Posts

Successful new bloggers create or use beautiful and compelling images in all their blog posts. Using images within your written text makes your blog more readable and look more professional. Most people [more…]

Set Mom Blogging Goals

Successful bloggers set short- and long-term goals to direct their actions. The most effective way to approach goal-setting is to decide where you want to be in three to five years and work backward from [more…]

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