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Exploring Specialty YouTube Accounts

YouTube has different types of accounts that help focus your audience. For example, you can create a specialty YouTube account if you're a comedian, director, guru [more…]

Managing VoIP Bandwidth

Dedicated transports are channelizable, meaning that their total bandwidth can be divided by channel and assigned to support specific applications (computer data, voice or telephony, and videoconferencing [more…]

Finding Out about Click Fraud

Conversion ratio is a measure of how well you "convert" someone via your pay per click advertising. This number is critical; without knowing your conversion ratios, you can't figure out whether you're [more…]

Expanding Efficiency with Cascading Style Sheets

Defining a style in one location as CSS does has several advantages. First, it eliminates redundancy: You don't have to keep specifying its font size and color each time you use the <h1> tag in your document [more…]

Eyeing eBay Bidder-Management Tools

Most eBay users don't know the extent of eBay's seller-specific services. And sometimes sellers are so involved with their auctions that they don't take the time to find out about new helper tools. Here [more…]

How to Cut Down on Spam in MySpace

You can manage MySpace spam by clicking the Spam link in the main Settings Account window to open the Settings: Spam window. Then use the following check boxes to turn certain MySpace spam options on and [more…]

Making Use of Notecards in Second Life

Notecards are the simple text documents that you can create and share in Second Life. They're great for storing information, such as instructions on how to use an object or for sharing a list of your favorite [more…]

Using E-Newsletters to Maintain Contact

E-newsletters (or electronic newsletters) have emerged as a popular format for frequent communications with customers or hot prospects. Like print-based newsletters, e-newsletters contain news, tips, and [more…]

How to Pick a YouTube Username

When registering on YouTube, you create a username the same way as with any other website registration. But when you choose a YouTube username, remember that YouTube is a video-sharing site. It's a wholly [more…]

The Benefits of HTML Headings

One of the more common text formatting options in HTML is the heading style. In HTML, you gain many advantages to using the heading styles (H1, H2, and so on) to style text that serves as titles or headlines [more…]

Dealing with Graphics on Your Web Site

The most difficult aspect of including graphics in your Web pages is resolving all the design issues that accompany the use of graphics. Creating effective graphics and placing them properly in relation [more…]

Introducing Blog Elements

In the context of blogging, content management almost always means organizing the site by backwards chronology. In this way, your most recent writing appears first. As visitors continue reading your updates [more…]

Practicing Optimization Habits as You Blog

For several years, an Internet marketing field called search engine optimization has been growing in influence. Abbreviated as SEO, search engine optimization involves writing and design skills that make [more…]

How to Create Links in a Blog

Used judiciously, you can add enormous value to your blog posts by using links. The blog links can inform readers, link to more detail, point out a great news article, or send them to another page on your [more…]

Enjoying Timesaving Contribute Tips

Even the best programs get better when you know how to make the most of them. These tips and tricks can be helpful if you're in a hurry or trying to work more efficiently. [more…]

Figuring Out How Spammers Get E-Mail Addresses

Spammers employ a variety of methods to acquire e-mail addresses. Some methods take advantage of the e-mail addresses readily available on the Internet, whereas others employ different levels of trickery [more…]

Comparing Wikis with Other Online Communication Tools

Wikis are toolkits for creating Web pages. Here's how a wiki differs from other forms of Internet collaborative tools, such as e-mail, blogs, bulletin boards, forums, content management systems, and Web [more…]

Correcting Your Current eBay Auctions

Don't worry if you make a mistake filling out the Sell Your Item page but don't notice it until after the auction is up and running. Pencils have erasers, and eBay allows revisions. You can make changes [more…]

How to Avoid Predators on MySpace

Social networking on MySpace carries risks and responsibilities, which includes avoiding people who prey on others and cause problems. To stay safe on MySpace, you have to follow basic rules for your own [more…]

How to Design and Customize Your Blog

You can make your blog’s appearance truly your own, by designing and customizing it to convey the image you’d like. If you have your own blog designed for you or if you create the presentation yourself [more…]

How to Decide Who Can Become Your MySpace Friend

You’ll receive Friend Requests from MySpace users you know and other MySpace members you don’t know. Being able to decide whether you should accept the Friend Request and befriend the user is very important [more…]

Knowing an ISP's Contract Terms

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a data communications technology that is making high-speed bandwidth a reality. Why is DSL so promising? This powerful data communications technology works over regular [more…]

Downloading Professional Images Inexpensively

Professional photographs and graphics can transform a simple Web page design into a professional online presentation. But high-quality images can be pricey. For professional, royalty-free images without [more…]

Tracking Down eBay Auction Troublemakers

Although eBay encourages the community to police the site, it also does its own investigations. Buyers beware: Violations are very easy to fall into, especially if you're new to online auction action. [more…]

Viewing Multiple E-Mail Accounts in Outlook 2000

If your boss gives you permission to view his or her entire Microsoft Outlook account, you can set up your copy of Outlook so that both your folders and the boss's folders show up in your Outlook folder [more…]