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How to Install a Deadbolt Lock

Installing a deadbolt lock is essential to protecting your home. For added security, take the time to learn how to install a deadbolt lock on every exterior door. Doorknob locks offer little resistance [more…]

Where to Install a Smoke Detector

Installing a smoke detector can save your life. But to be most effective, you have to know where to install the smoke detector.

The National Electric Code [more…]

How to Cut a Mortise for a Deadbolt Lock

Knowing how to cut a mortise is essential for installing a deadbolt lock. You'll need to cut a mortise — a small shallow recess in the wood of the door and doorjamb — for the latchbolt and strike plate [more…]

How to Secure a Sliding Glass Door

Securing your sliding glass door (patio door) is a must: Thieves target sliding glass doors because they're easy to force open even if the conventional lock is engaged. The key to securing sliding glass [more…]

How to Test Smoke Alarms in Your Home

A smoke alarm is an inexpensive way to protect your family from smoke and fire injuries, but you must take the time to test it to ensure that it's working properly. A properly functioning smoke detector [more…]

Returning to Your Home after a Natural Disaster

If you have been evacuated from your home for any type natural disaster, you need to follow some safety precautions when you return to it. Follow these general guidelines for getting back underway after [more…]

Protect Your Family from Gas Line Accidents

Gas line safety might not be on your mind, but of all emergency preparedness topics, gas lines deserve extra consideration — both in the event of natural disasters and for day-to-day living. If not properly [more…]

How to Prevent Carbon-Monoxide Build-Up in Your Home

You want to avoid carbon monoxide (CO) build-up in your home. CO is the number-one cause of poisoning deaths in the United States. It's an invisible, odorless, poisonous gas produced by the incomplete [more…]

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