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How to Repair or Replace Window Sash Cords

Replace window sash cords when the cords fray and break; or repair sash cords if they become disconnected from the weights that give balance to the window. Some windows have chains instead of ropes and [more…]

How to Caulk a Window

Caulking windows cuts energy costs by sealing cracks against air infiltration and preventing drafts. Applying caulk to windows also keeps out moisture, which can cause paint to peel and wood to rot. [more…]

How to Access Window Sash Cords in Double-Hung Windows

If your old house has double-hung windows, you’ll need to know how to get to the sash cords for maintenance or repair. Window sash cords become frayed or broken or disconnected from the weights that give [more…]

Installing Window Shades Painlessly

Figuring out how to install a window shade is pretty easy. Adding window shades provides privacy and better insulation to your home. Window shades are inexpensive, spring-loaded window coverings that roll [more…]

Know What Type of Caulk to Use

Caulk comes in many types (latex, silicone, and urethane) and choosing the right caulk for the job is important. Using the right caulk will both seal and protect, whether it’s gaps around a window or a [more…]

How to Unstick a Stuck Window

Nothing is worse than a stuck window on a hot summer day. Unsticking a window requires just a little muscle and the right technique. Windows stick for a variety of reasons. It could be because paint got [more…]

Installing Sunscreen Retractors to Minimize Solar Gain

In addition to using solar energy to provide power for your home, you can also take steps to minimize solar gain in your home. This simple act can keep your house cooler in the summer, thus decreasing [more…]

How to Cut Energy Costs with Window Coverings

Controlling the amount of sunlight that enters your house or patio is an easy way to cut your cooling and heating bills, regulate your home's temperature, and enhance the appearance of your house. Window [more…]

How to Replace Window Channels

If your window sashes let in drafts and rattle in their channels, you may want to consider replacing windows. However, a less expensive solution is to install replacement channels in your double-hung windows [more…]

How to Seal Windows

You seal air leaks and water leaks around your windows in the same way — by caulking and replacing weatherstripping. You can also inject foam sealant between the frame of the window and the frame of the [more…]

How to Patch a Screen

Screen patch kits are available at hardware stores and home centers. They’re inexpensive and easy to install (the process takes less than a minute). You can also use any of the following methods to repair [more…]

How to Cut Beadboard Wainscoting to Fit around a Window

Beadboard is sold in 4-foot-wide panels that come in an 8-foot length to cover walls and ceilings and also as 32-inch-high precut panels specifically for use as wainscoting. It comes in unfinished pine [more…]

How to Paint Double-Hung Windows

If someone’s painted the upper sash of a double-hung window shut or the pulley/counterweight system needs repair, consider correcting the problem before you start painting. Inevitably, these repairs will [more…]

How to Replace a Window Screen

Rescreening a window is easy. There are two types of screen available: metal and fiberglass. Rescreening with metal is slightly more difficult than with fiberglass [more…]

Decorating Windows with the Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and draperies work hard at blocking light, sound, and temperature. In addition to these functions, they’re also extraordinarily decorative, adding enormous personality to a room through color, [more…]

Decorating Windows with Shades, Blinds, and Shutters

Shades, blinds, and shutters are hard window treatments, as opposed to curtains, which are soft treatments. When used alone, hard window treatments provide crispness to a Contemporary room. For clarity’s [more…]

How to Choose the Length of Your Curtains

How long should curtains or draperies be? Generally, the longer the curtain or drapery, the more dignified, dressy, and formal the look. Shorter curtain lengths always imply a casual, relaxed, and informal [more…]

Fast and Easy Ways Dress Up Your Windows

With or without fancy treatments, windows provide a focal point and a spot where everyone wants to sit. They open a room’s interior to the views outside and flood it with natural sunlight. Do you need [more…]

How to Measure for Swags for Your Windows

The key to measuring fabric length for a swag or a swag and cascade is using a flexible tape measure. Because the swag curves down away from the rod in an arc, you need a measuring device, such as a cloth [more…]

Using Sheets to Make Curtains

If you hate to sew and hate to shop for fabric, but you’re still committed to making your own window coverings, think about cheating — with flat sheets! They’re great for our no-sew and low-sew projects [more…]

How to Create Patterns for Window Treatments

The advantage to making patterns for your curtains or shades is that you can easily create many panels that will be identical to each other. You can also easily replicate a treatment in many different [more…]

How to Lay Out Your Curtain Pattern on Fabric

When making curtains, placing your pattern properly on the fabric is an important step in making your panel come out right. Keep the following information in mind when laying out your pattern on the fabric [more…]

How to Cut Fabric to Make Curtains

After you know your measurements, have placed your pattern correctly, and secured it with pins, you can cut the length and width of the fabric to create your window treatment’s panels. When you lay out [more…]

How to Make Curtains without Sewing a Stitch

One of the best things about window treatments that don’t require any, or very little, sewing is that you can frequently change them because they’re so quick, easy, and inexpensive to make. If you’re a [more…]

How to Make Swag Window Coverings

Swags are easy to make and have a casual, airy look. After you’ve measured to determine how much fabric you need and picked out the perfect fabric for your swags, you are ready to begin sewing. Follow [more…]


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