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Planning an Adjustable Shelving System

Adjustable shelving systems allow you to customize your own storage solutions. Planning an adjustable shelving system takes a bit of homework. Shelving systems come in many styles and configurations, so [more…]

How to Build a Simple Wall Shelf

You don't need to be a handyman to build a simple wall shelf. Building a shelf to add form and function to a room is a novice do-it-your-selfer's dream project. You can use your shelf to display a treasured [more…]

How to Install a Shelving System

If you need more storage space or just want to display artwork or a collection of clocks on your wall, you can build shelves. A shelving system is made up of three basic components: shelves, standards [more…]

How to Get a Closet Ready for a Wire Shelving System

Before you install a wire shelving system in a closet, you have some work to do first. To get a closet ready for wire shelving, take the time to clear everything out and decide what’s worth keeping. [more…]

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