Preparing for Painting & Wallpapering

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How to Clean a Ceiling

Just like any other surface, ceilings should be cleaned and prepped before painting. Consider the following tips to find out how to clean a ceiling properly. [more…]

What to Plan Before Hanging Wallpaper

If you’re hanging wallpaper, careful planning will improve your chances for success. Before you hang the first strip, determine where you want the seams to be and figure out to to deal with uneven ceilings [more…]

How to Activate Wallpaper Paste

After you cut the first drop of your wallpaper, it’s time to activate the paste on a prepasted wallcovering or apply paste to an unpasted wallcovering. The procedures are generally quite straightforward [more…]

How to Choose an Interior Paint Finish

Choosing a paint finish for interior walls depends on the desired amount of shine and durability. The most common interior paint finishes (paint sheen) are flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss [more…]

How to Prepare a Room for Painting

Most interiors will look better if you just slap on a fresh coat of paint. However, you'll get results that are even more striking, and a longer-lasting paint job to boot, if you take special care in cleaning [more…]

Making Minor Drywall Repairs before Painting

Before you start painting an interior, check the walls carefully. You probably have a few minor dings or nail holes to repair. Buy a small container of spackling compound and apply it with a putty knife [more…]

How to Caulk and Mask before You Paint

After you have cleaned and repaired your interior surfaces, you have to caulk and mask before you start applying paint. Caulk covers a multitude of sins and prevents many problems from occurring. Masking [more…]

How to Patch Chipped Wood before Painting

Before you paint your woodwork, you need to prepare it. If the wood is chipped, gouged, or otherwise damaged, and you plan to paint, you can make an easy, invisible repair by using a two-part polyester [more…]

Making Paint Stick to Paneling and Cabinets

Factory-finished wood cabinets and paneling require special preparation for painting. Getting rid of dark paneling is complicated by the fact that when you pull it off, you find the adhesive has ruined [more…]

How to Prepare a Door for Painting

Because of the texture of the door surface, preparing a door for painting is especially important. Understanding how to get a door for painting can help you achieve professional-looking results on your [more…]

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