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Accessorize Your Bathroom

When remodeling your bathroom, consider functional and decorative touches. Two of (almost) everything comes in handy when two people share a bathroom, for example. And don’t forget luxury touches. Even [more…]

How to Make the Most of Small Bathrooms

Maybe your bathroom remodel project budget doesn’t allow enlarging your bathroom, or maybe you aren’t in a position to remodel at all. You can still make your small bathroom [more…]

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets to Match Your Style

Cabinets are a kitchen’s main furniture. If you must replace old cabinets, buy a style and color that will be the basis for your new scheme (French, English, Country, Victorian, Euro-Modern, and so on) [more…]

Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen

Decorating your kitchen should be fun. Collect photographs from decorating magazines, brochures, and kitchen style books. Make a list of your likes (and dislikes) about photos. By mixing a little of one [more…]

Redecorating Your Bathroom for Resale

Thinking of selling your place within two years or less? Shift your bathroom colors into neutral white, almond, and other classics that prospective buyers prefer. If you don’t know what’s hot and what’s [more…]

Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Bathroom

Using your imagination and some elbow grease to transform an ugly bathroom into a beautiful bath saves money, and it’s fun! Simple changes to vanities and tile can go a long way. Bathroom vanity cabinets [more…]

How to Stop Refrigerator Water Leaks

When you see water under a refrigerator, check the front legs and/or clean the drain hole. Water (actually condensation) is supposed to run from inside the refrigerator into a drain hole, and then into [more…]

How to Fix Refrigerator Temperature Problems

If the main compartment in your refrigerator is too warm or too cold and adjusting the temperature controls doesn’t seem to help, first vacuum the compressor and condenser coils. If they aren’t cleaned [more…]

How to Change the Gasket on Your Refrigerator Door

If your refrigerator food compartment is too warm, one easy solution might be to replace the rubber gasket that runs around the door. It may be so worn or stretched out that it doesn’t seal. Gaskets are [more…]

How to Maintain Your Dishwasher

Dishwashers have hoses, and after time, if the connections get loose or become brittle or cracked, they can leak. The rubber gasket around the dishwasher door also may become worn out and loose, and then [more…]

How to Fix a Broken Toaster

Toasters are uncomplicated appliances with heating elements, a thermostat, switches, and plugs and cords. Most of the time when they malfunction, they just haven’t been cleaned thoroughly enough. Of course [more…]

How to Change a Belt on a Blender, Mixer, or Food Processor

When a blender, mixer, or food processor stops running completely, it usually means that the motor is bad. If you’ve tested the plug, cord, and switch and know the problem doesn’t originate there, the [more…]

How to Extend the Life of Your Coffee Maker

When your coffee maker stops making coffee, don’t throw it away until you check that the cord and plug are not bad. Then give it a good cleaning. Coffee makers get clogged with mineral deposits in water [more…]

How to Replace a Microwave Touch Pad

If you’ve worked on other appliances, you can replace a worn microwave touchpad. The all-digital LEDs on the microwave touch pad don’t last forever. One or two will go out and then, perhaps, a few more [more…]

How to Replace Microwave Lights and Turntables

Maintaining your own kitchen appliances to extend their lifespan is a good way to save money. Depending on what’s wrong without microwave oven, you may be able to fix it yourself. You can replace a burned [more…]

How to Tile a Countertop

If you are making a tile countertop in your kitchen or bath, plan your tile layout before you begin. Plan your layout with courses of full (uncut) tiles starting at the front edge; any rows of cut tiles [more…]

Tips for Surviving a Kitchen Remodel

After your kitchen is out of commission, you’ll have a better appreciation of just how much time you spend in it and how much you miss having it. Besides the inconvenience, you’ll also find that a sizeable [more…]

How to Renovate Kitchen Cabinets

Focus on cabinet renovation to give your kitchen a quick makeover. If you can’t afford a complete kitchen remodel some little changes or upgrades can make an old item look new or different. Costs vary [more…]

Kitchen Countertops You Can Install Yourself

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, don’t let countertops frighten you. Some countertops are actually intended to be installed by DIYers. That’s why so many are sold at home centers. If you have even [more…]

How to Choose Your Kitchen Sink

When you are remodeling your kitchen, you are probably going to want a new sink. There’s more to picking the right sink than just deciding on a color and a material. The first question you should ask when [more…]

How to Choose Your Kitchen Faucet

If you thought you had an overabundant choice in kitchen sinks, wait until you start trying to select the right faucet. The pros and cons of various faucet setups may not be immediately obvious to you, [more…]

Choosing Your New Refrigerator

The refrigerator is the most-used appliance in the kitchen. Its doors are opened and closed dozens of times a day, especially if you have kids. Selecting a style and design that works best for your family [more…]

Choosing an Oven and Range for Your Kitchen

Cooktops with built-in woks, ovens built into the wall are just some options you have when choosing a range and oven for your kitchen remodel. If you want to keep things simple in your kitchen, you can [more…]

Matching Kitchen Lighting to Tasks

When considering lighting in your kitchen remodel it helps to keep the tasks you will perform in a given area in mind. Lighting falls into three categories: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent [more…]

How to Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-the-cabinet lighting can be plug-in or hard-wired. Plug-in units are the easiest to install. A hard-wired system is more attractive because there’s usually no exposed wiring and a dedicated wall [more…]


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