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Measuring to Buy Ceramic Floor Tiles

Buying ceramic tile for floors requires measuring and math. Estimate how many ceramic tiles to buy by calculating the total floor area you plan to cover and dividing that number by the size of one tile [more…]

How to Get a Room Ready for Floor Tile

When laying floor tiles, getting the room ready is the hardest part. Preparing the room for floor tiles is grunt work, but you’ll soon get to the fun part: laying tiles. You need a pry bar, hammer, nail [more…]

How to Find Replacement Ceramic and Clay Tiles

Finding replacement ceramic and clay tiles can be time consuming and frustrating. At the very least, finding replacement tiles will require trips to your local tile contractors. But if your tile is older [more…]

How Much Ceramic Tile Do You Need?

If your home improvement plan involves a new ceramic tile floor, how do you determine the amount of ceramic tiles you need? Simply calculate the area you plan to cover and divide that number by the size [more…]

How to Paint Concrete Floors

Painting concrete floors is a great way to dress up, seal, or protect this sturdy flooring. Knowing how to paint concrete floors can make the difference between a stylish statement and a mess. [more…]

How to Lay Out a Ceramic Tile Floor

Planning the layout of your tile floor is an essential step in guaranteeing the success of your project. Ever wonder how a tile layer always seems to get those tiles at a perfect 90- or 45-degree angle [more…]

How to Install a Ceramic Tile Floor

Installing a ceramic tile floor may appear to be beyond the abilities of some homeowners, but most DIYers can handle it. Just don’t rush it — have a little patience! The materials are relatively easy to [more…]

How to Remove Old Tile Flooring

Removing tile isn’t an easy project. It’s very labor intensive, but it’s also expensive to pay someone else to do. So it pays to rip up old tile yourself. Be sure to protect yourself during the battle [more…]

How to Fix Curling Vinyl Tile

Curls in your hair may look great, but when they’re in your vinyl flooring, they can lead to bigger problems. Curling vinyl occurs at seams and edges. The adhesive that’s supposed to hold the vinyl flat [more…]

How to Clean Tiled Floors

Tiled floors can be a doddle to clean and maintain. Slate flagstones, granite, and ceramic tiles are generally sealed to protect them from water and stains. Quarry stone is fine as it is, although you [more…]

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