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Repairing Stains, Nicks, and Scratches in Hardwood Floors

If you have small areas of damage in your hardwood floors, you might not have to refinish the entire floor. You may be able to repair stains, nicks, and scratches. Stains are the toughest fix when it comes [more…]

How to Lay Out a Ceramic Tile Floor

Planning the layout of your tile floor is an essential step in guaranteeing the success of your project. Ever wonder how a tile layer always seems to get those tiles at a perfect 90- or 45-degree angle [more…]

How to Install a Ceramic Tile Floor

Installing a ceramic tile floor may appear to be beyond the abilities of some homeowners, but most DIYers can handle it. Just don’t rush it — have a little patience! The materials are relatively easy to [more…]

Tips for Laying Carpet

Although installing carpet isn’t difficult technically, it’s challenging because of the size of the rolls and the often limited workspace. Whether it’s cushioned-back carpet for a basement or plush carpet [more…]

How to Clean and Deodorize Your Carpet

Carpet-cleaning professionals say that the most effective method of keeping carpeting clean — and making it last a long time — is to vacuum it regularly. In fact, they recommend vacuuming three or more [more…]

How to Remove Old Tile Flooring

Removing tile isn’t an easy project. It’s very labor intensive, but it’s also expensive to pay someone else to do. So it pays to rip up old tile yourself. Be sure to protect yourself during the battle [more…]

How to Lay Laminate Flooring

Get ready to see a major improvement in the floor when you install a laminate floor in the bathroom. A laminate floor can be installed over almost any subfloor. It’s durable and resists stains and surface [more…]

How to Fix Curling Vinyl Tile

Curls in your hair may look great, but when they’re in your vinyl flooring, they can lead to bigger problems. Curling vinyl occurs at seams and edges. The adhesive that’s supposed to hold the vinyl flat [more…]

How to Fix Gouged, Cut, or Scratched Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl has far fewer seams than tile, so when it comes to making a patch, it can be a little trickier than replacing a single tile. Obviously, the best patch is a piece of the original flooring material [more…]

How to Level Slanted Floors

Out-of-level floors are not only nuisances to walk across, but if they're severe enough, they can also become a real safety hazard. Slanted floors can also cause cracks over windows and doors or make doors [more…]

Using Carpets and Rugs to Change a Room’s Look

Wall-to-wall carpeting fills the floor area with pattern, color, and texture. An area rug is an accessory that defines a special spot in a room. Both can be used to update a room. Sometimes, just changing [more…]

Decorating Floors in Awkwardly Shaped Rooms

If you’re faced with an awkwardly shaped room, you can use floorings to reshape it. Consider the following list of trouble areas and how to incorporate all types of flooring materials, including carpeting [more…]

How to Install a Screw Jack to Level Your Floor

If your home is built on expansive soil and, thus, subject to regular movement, a screw jack can be used in lieu of solid wood posts between the concrete piers in the crawlspace and the girders that support [more…]

How to Vacuum More Efficiently

There are a few basic rules about vacuuming floors that, once understood, makes vacuuming floors more efficient. The disappointing news for perfectionists is that you may have to go over the same spot [more…]

How to Make Use of Vacuum Attachments

Any modern vacuum comes with a load of attachments designed to help you clean specific parts of your home with ease. Making use of these attachments makes good sense. [more…]

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your needs takes a little thought about you and what you’re cleaning. Generally speaking, there are two types of vacuum cleaners – uprights and cylinders. [more…]

How to Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

Every tool needs to be cleaned periodically to continue to work well and your vacuum cleaner is no exception. Failure to keep it clean will reduce its efficiency. [more…]

How to Wash Your Carpet

However often you vacuum, there comes a day when the carpet looks dull, it’s time to wash the carpet to get it clean. Grease from cooking, food spills, and body oils cannot be vacuumed up. It needs either [more…]

How to Clean Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are often DIY projects and have special cleaning needs. So whilst individual planks are factory sealed, gaps between the laminate planks and the edge of your floor aren’t. If you get too [more…]

How to Clean Linoleum and Vinyl Floors

Cleaning linoleum and vinyl floors is an easy process, in spite of being made from different materials they are always cleaned in the same way. The difference between linoleum and vinyl is that vinyl is [more…]

How to Clean Wood Floors

Cleaning wood floors presents a quandary. They’re the ultimate in hard-wearing surfaces – go round a stately 19th-century home and you’re likely to see many original boards. Yet if you don’t clean them [more…]

How to Clean Tiled Floors

Tiled floors can be a doddle to clean and maintain. Slate flagstones, granite, and ceramic tiles are generally sealed to protect them from water and stains. Quarry stone is fine as it is, although you [more…]

How to Stain and Seal Hardwood Floors

Knowing how to stain and seal a hardwood floor properly pays off in having a beautiful finish and enduring protection. Staining and sealing hardwood floors the right way — whether you’re refinishing, refurbishing [more…]

How to Clean Mildew from Concrete

Cleaning mildew from concrete is important because it can cause serious health problems if left alone. Knowing how to clean mildew from concrete can prevent falls [more…]


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