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How to Repair Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Knowing how to repair vinyl sheet flooring is an inexpensive way to improve the look of your floor. Repair vinyl sheet flooring when it suffers damage in high-activity kitchens and baths, and other areas [more…]

How to Replace Broken Ceramic Tile

Replace broken or missing ceramic tiles to prevent further damage. Damaged tiles allow moisture to get under the tile, so replace broken ceramic tiles right away. Ditto for clay tiles! [more…]

How to Inspect the Blower-Fan Belt on a Furnace

Regularly inspect blower-fan belts for any sign of damage and replace the belt if it’s damaged. Knowing how to inspect the blower-fan belt improves furnace efficiency. [more…]

How to Fix Small Holes in Drywall with a Patch

Fixing holes in drywall is a common part of maintaining walls. The challenge of patching holes in drywall is in covering the gap. Joint compound is fine for filling cracks, but won’t work for small holes [more…]

Tools for Taking Off Wallpaper

The necessary tools for removing wallpaper will vary depending on the removal process you choose. You'll need only a few supplies and to remove wallpaper. [more…]

How to Caulk a Window

Caulking windows cuts energy costs by sealing cracks against air infiltration and preventing drafts. Applying caulk to windows also keeps out moisture, which can cause paint to peel and wood to rot. [more…]

How to Unclog a Drain with a Plunger

Clogged drain? Grab a plunger — knowing how to unclog a drain with a plunger could preclude the use of a caustic chemical drain cleaner. Plunging causes suction to force air through the pipes to push out [more…]

Measuring to Buy Ceramic Floor Tiles

Buying ceramic tile for floors requires measuring and math. Estimate how many ceramic tiles to buy by calculating the total floor area you plan to cover and dividing that number by the size of one tile [more…]

How to Fix a Squeaky Floor Caused by Gaps between the Subfloor and Joist

Squeaky floors can be extremely irritating. Fixing a squeaky floor caused by gaps between the subfloor and joist is easiest if you have a basement or an access space. Floors get squeaky when wood dries [more…]

How to Get a Room Ready for Floor Tile

When laying floor tiles, getting the room ready is the hardest part. Preparing the room for floor tiles is grunt work, but you’ll soon get to the fun part: laying tiles. You need a pry bar, hammer, nail [more…]

How to Remodel a Bathroom on a Budget

Remodeling a bathroom on a budget requires creativity and planning. But if you know how to remodel a bathroom on a budget, you can make a big difference in the value of your home without wasting a lot [more…]

How to Remodel a Kitchen in the Right Order

A major kitchen remodel must be done in the right order for maximum efficiency. Time is money, and remodeling your kitchen in the right order will save you loads of it. Because of the time required to [more…]

How to Get Wood Floors Ready for Sanding

Before refinishing a hardwood floor, you need to know how to get the floors ready for sanding. The way you get floors ready for sanding affects the final finish, so prepare carefully. The sanding process [more…]

How to Work with Electricity Safely

If you don’t know how to work with electricity safely, you can injure or kill yourself. Following basic electrical safety tips is crucial — after all, you never know who worked on the wiring before you [more…]

How to Fix a Squeaky Floor with a Metal Cleat

Squeaky floors can be extremely irritating. Fixing a squeaky floor with a metal cleat is an easy way to fix a number of problems. Floors get squeaky when wood dries out [more…]

How to Fix a Squeaky Floor Caused by Gaps between the Subfloor and Finished Floor

Squeaky floors can be extremely irritating. Fixing a squeaky floor caused by gaps between the subfloor and the finished floor is easiest if you have a basement or an access space. [more…]

How to Fix Wallpaper Bubbles

Fixing wallpaper bubbles or bumps is a simple, five-minute process. Knowing how to fix wallpaper bubbles and bumps prevents further damage like tears or rips. Wallpaper bubbles occur when a weak bond between [more…]

How to Access Window Sash Cords in Double-Hung Windows

If your old house has double-hung windows, you’ll need to know how to get to the sash cords for maintenance or repair. Window sash cords become frayed or broken or disconnected from the weights that give [more…]

How to Replace Vinyl Floor Tiles

Replacing vinyl floor tiles is pretty easy, especially if you saved extra tiles when the floor was installed. If not, scavenge a replacement vinyl tile from somewhere that won't be noticed, such as inside [more…]

How to Replace a Broken Glass Pane in a Steel-Casement Window

The trickiest part of replacing broken glass panes in steel-casement windows is getting replacement glass that’s sized exactly right. To replace a broken glass pane in a steel-casement window, you need [more…]

How to Find Replacement Ceramic and Clay Tiles

Finding replacement ceramic and clay tiles can be time consuming and frustrating. At the very least, finding replacement tiles will require trips to your local tile contractors. But if your tile is older [more…]

How to Childproof a Bathroom

Childproof the bathroom to prevent accidents and protect children. Bathrooms accidents can involve slippery surfaces, water, electricity, and chemicals. Knowing how to childproof a bathroom can make it [more…]

How to Maintain Garage Doors

If you know how to maintain garage doors, you can ensure that they stay in good working order for years to come. Regularly maintaining your garage door can also prevent serious injuries and property damage [more…]

Planning an Adjustable Shelving System

Adjustable shelving systems allow you to customize your own storage solutions. Planning an adjustable shelving system takes a bit of homework. Shelving systems come in many styles and configurations, so [more…]

A Five-Step Plan for Taking Off Wallpaper

The thought of taking off wallpaper can be scary, but planning for wallpaper removal can ease anxiety. Having a good plan for taking off wallpaper will simplify the task and ensure great results. Wallpaper [more…]


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