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Interior Home Improvement Projects

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Using Sheets to Make Curtains

If you hate to sew and hate to shop for fabric, but you’re still committed to making your own window coverings, think about cheating — with flat sheets! They’re great for our no-sew and low-sew projects [more…]

How to Create Patterns for Window Treatments

The advantage to making patterns for your curtains or shades is that you can easily create many panels that will be identical to each other. You can also easily replicate a treatment in many different [more…]

How to Lay Out Your Curtain Pattern on Fabric

When making curtains, placing your pattern properly on the fabric is an important step in making your panel come out right. Keep the following information in mind when laying out your pattern on the fabric [more…]

How to Cut Fabric to Make Curtains

After you know your measurements, have placed your pattern correctly, and secured it with pins, you can cut the length and width of the fabric to create your window treatment’s panels. When you lay out [more…]

How to Make Curtains without Sewing a Stitch

One of the best things about window treatments that don’t require any, or very little, sewing is that you can frequently change them because they’re so quick, easy, and inexpensive to make. If you’re a [more…]

How to Make Swag Window Coverings

Swags are easy to make and have a casual, airy look. After you’ve measured to determine how much fabric you need and picked out the perfect fabric for your swags, you are ready to begin sewing. Follow [more…]

How to Make Scarf Swags for Your Windows

Scarf swags are a wonderful way to dress up a room by adding romance and a bit of softness to already existing draperies, such as sheers. They loop and drape over a decorative rod, jazzing up some plain [more…]

How to Make a Shelf Valance for Your Windows

Although lace is an ideal fabric for this valance project, a light, checked gingham is also a good choice. If you decide to use a nonlace fabric that needs a hem for your curtains, add another inch to [more…]

How to Make Ultrasuede Curtains

These Ultrasuede curtains are very simple window treatments that effectively block light and give your room a modern look. They’re great for young men’s rooms, or any room where you want a bit of style [more…]

How to Make Ultrasuede Cutout Curtains

This curtain is a basic Ultrasuede panel into which you cut designs with an X-Acto blade or scissors. You can use a stencil if you feel that may help you get the design you want. Try diamonds, hearts, [more…]

How to Make Ultrasuede Strip Curtains

This ultramodern “curtain” allows plenty of light to come through, sways in the breeze, and is sure to be a conversation piece among guests. It’s created with horizontal panels of Ultrasuede [more…]

How to Fashion Frayed-Edge Draperies

Frayed-edge curtains are a simple treatment and require no sewing at all, just a few clips for hanging. This treatment lends a natural, organic-looking feeling when the frayed ends move in the breeze. [more…]

How to Make Ribbon Curtains

Ribbon curtains look like something you encounter in the drive-through car wash. You get a flowing, festive look with this treatment, which is also terrific in doorways. When the curtain is stationary, [more…]

How to Make Contac Paper Window Shades

You make this window shade with adjacent squares covered with clear Contac paper, which is a great material to work with for many reasons: It allows in light while still offering some privacy, and it’s [more…]

How to Embellish Curtains

You can punch up the style of your curtains by adding even more shine, texture, and dimension to your treatment with paillettes, sequins, rhinestones, studs, and other little extras. Considering how much [more…]

Tips for Adding Trim to Your Curtains

A coordinating or contrasting trim for your new window treatment adds style and covers up unfinished or not-so-perfectly-sewn hems. Use trim to soften the look of a crisp fabric or to draw the eye upward [more…]

How to Make Curtain Tiebacks

Tiebacks are material that you wind around your drapery or curtain and then loop over a hook attached to the wall, providing just the right finishing touch. They’re fun window treatment accessories that [more…]

Unusual Ideas for Curtain Tiebacks

Curtain tiebacks need to be functional and they need to look good. That said, you don’t always have to use store-bought fabric to do the job. Look around your house. You may already have the material hanging [more…]

How to Make Tassels for Your Curtains

Larger tassels look great hanging at the tops of your window treatments, and they’re also nice to add to your tiebacks. You can buy tassels in many colors and sizes at your fabric store, but you may also [more…]

How to Lengthen Curtains or Draperies

Whether you bought your curtains or made them yourself, if they're too short, there are many creative ways to lengthen them. For example, adding a contrasting fabric or print at the bottom of too-short [more…]

How to Cover Holes, Rips, or Stains in Curtains

Even if you make them yourself, curtains can be expensive. If you have a rip, tear, or hole in curtains that you really like, don’t despair. You can save them. Take this opportunity to add a bit of fun [more…]

How to Make Casement Curtains

Casement curtains attach to the window sash. This two-panel treatment works for windows that open in the middle and swing outward, but you can also use one panel of this style for a glass-paneled door. [more…]

How to Make Roman Shades

Roman shades pull up in sections with the help of a traverse cord or Roman shade cord (both available at a crafts store). Roman shades look elegant and streamlined in either the up or down position. [more…]

How to Make London Shades

London shades look a bit like the balloon valance, but they’re more utilitarian. They have the same shirred, puffed look when the ribbon is pulled up to make the shade ascend. Perfect for the bedroom, [more…]

How to Make Lined Drapes

Depending on where you live and how many seasonal changes your home endures, you may want to give your windows a little extra insulation. An extra-thick curtain or a curtain lined with cotton duck can [more…]


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