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How to Level Settled Brick Patios and Walkways

Although leveling and resetting a brick patio is slow, heavy work, it’s not a complex project — just one that takes time and effort to do right. If you are ready to break a sweat, gather your tools and [more…]

How to Preserve Your Deck

One of the best ways to protect your outdoor wood surfaces is to use a high-quality, oil-based wood preservative. Using an oil-based wood preservative with ultraviolet inhibitors keeps your deck surfaces [more…]

Tips for Painting Your Deck

A painted deck or fence can be beautiful, but painting can also be a real problem. Unlike wood siding, wood in decks, handrails, fences, retaining walls, and other complex structures expose several surfaces [more…]

How to Fix a Sagging Gate

A sagging wooden gate is a nuisance at best, and can, at some point, become impossible to open. The problem must be pretty common, because someone has already packaged and marketed a repair kit for exactly [more…]

How to Fix Columns and Posts on a Deck, Porch, or Roof

Peeling paint at the base of a porch column or deck post often indicates that the base has been and still is wet. You can find out how bad the problem is by peeling back a little more of the paint — you [more…]

How to Remove Damaged Wood Posts from a Fence or Deck

Damaged posts eventually cause decks to sag and perhaps even collapse if the load on top of them is heavy. Fence posts lean and wobble, undermining the stability of the whole fence. You can replace them [more…]

How to Replace a Deck Post

If you have a rotten or damaged post supporting your porch or deck, it needs to be replaced. The first step is to remove the old post. Once that is done, you can set a new post in concrete to ensure that [more…]

How to Stabilize Wood Posts with a Concrete Girdle

Damaged fence posts lean and wobble, undermining the stability of your entire fence. You may not have to replace a damaged post if you can stabilize it with a concrete girdle. You need a claw hammer, tapered [more…]

How to Splint Wood Fence Posts

A post doesn’t have to be damaged to wiggle from side-to-side or lean in one direction. If it’s not damaged by rot, the fence was improperly put in or the post worked its way loose during winter freezes [more…]

How to Turn Porches and Patios into Living Spaces

Using basic interior design strategies, you can make your porch and patio into a second living room. To maintain continuity with the interior, use the same style, especially if a porch or patio is visible [more…]

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