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How to Protect Wood Siding

To prevent rot and prolong the life of your wood siding, you can treat it with oil, stain, or paint. These materials act as a barrier, preventing water from coming into direct contact with the wood. Which [more…]

How to Care for Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Whether you have vinyl or aluminum siding, taking a little care will prolong its life and keep it looking its best. To prevent the need to repaint your siding, clean it regularly. You use slightly different [more…]

How to Replace Damaged Corners of Aluminum Siding

Corner edges of aluminum siding, the end caps, get banged into a lot. You cut a corner too sharply and knock into them with ladders, the lawn mower, garden hose, bikes, you name it. End caps are very easy [more…]

How to Fix Dents in Aluminum Siding

Large hail driving at a slant into aluminum siding leaves its mark. So do people. When your siding looks as though it’s been knocked out, surprise, it can be fixed quite easily! You need a [more…]

How to Repair Damaged Aluminum Siding

You can remove a piece of aluminum siding and patch in a new one when it’s so badly damaged that it’s beyond repair. You need your utility knife, a piece of aluminum siding, a household cleaner, and a [more…]

How to Replace Clapboard Strips

Wood siding shrinks in cold weather and expands in the summer. This can cause it to crack and split. You can fix damaged boards or replace them. If you have to replace 3- or 12-inch-wide clapboard, you [more…]

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