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How to Clean Up Fast for Unexpected Guests

If welcome guests drop in unexpectedly, some quick action can quickly get you clean and ready. Your hall, a reception room (aka living room or family room), and a bathroom are the minimum areas you can [more…]

How to Clean Grime from Emulsion Surfaces

You need only a very weak detergent solution for cleaning emulsion surfaces – 60 millilitres (ml) (4 tablespoons) of soap in about 5 litres (a gallon) of hot water. Any multi-purpose liquid cleaner is [more…]

How to Clean Ceilings

In cleaning a ceiling, start by taking your mop or sponge right around the perimeter, going tight into the corners where the ceiling is likely to be dirtiest. Wring out your mop or sponge, dip it into [more…]

How to Clean Wallpaper

The only type of wallpaper you can safely clean by washing is vinyl. Even with vinyl, unless the care label says it’s scrubbable, use as little moisture and pressure as you can. [more…]

How to Clean Washable Curtains

There are many things to be aware of when you are cleaning your curtains. Curtains take a lot of abuse from many angles that can make them complicated to clean: [more…]

How to Clean Non-Washable Curtains

Dry-cleaners typically charge by the surface area of curtains, so a big room means a big price. If, when you get the curtains home again, you can detect the smell of cleaning solvents, you need to air [more…]

How to Clean Window Blinds

There are various methods for cleaning types of blinds that you can hang in place of, or in addition to, curtains which can hang stylishly in front. Types of blinds include: [more…]

How to Get Cleaner Clothes by Weighing Them First

Do you really want to remove all those pesky stains and get your clothes clean? The solution may come with how much you are putting in your washing machine. Question: How many items fill a washing machine [more…]

How to Choose the Right Detergents to Clean Clothes

Anyone who does home washing knows that sometimes stains are persistent! And removal is tough. We need clean clothes and most of us can’t afford to pay for professional cleaning. Personal preference is [more…]

How to Ensure Your Washing Machine Will Get Clothes Really Clean

Proper stain removal and clean clothes are a necessity. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws us an occasional disaster. Especially when you’re up against time, it can sometimes seem that there is so much [more…]

How to Fix Common Clothes Cleaning Disasters

Have you ever tried to remove a stain, only to make it worse? Or while trying for clean clothes, you make them even dirtier? Consistent maintenance on your washing machine will help keep this from happening [more…]

How to Wash Your Clothes by Hand

Sometimes, you may not trust your machine to remove that silly stain from your new dress or suit. Cleaning these items is still an option. Hand-washing is simplicity itself. Just follow these steps: [more…]

How to Safely Tumble Dry Clean Clothes

Removing stains and achieving clean clothes isn’t over once the washing cycle ends. To get your clothes ready to wear, you need to use your drier correctly. [more…]

How to Fold and Store Clean Clothes

Once you have gone to all the trouble of removing stains and cleaning your clothes, do yourself a favour and maintain them. Don’t make yourself re-do the cleaning process before you need to wear them again [more…]

How to Clean Your Home to Pass a Landlord Inspection

Your home is the most important thing to maintain. You live there. It’s inevitable that there will be some cleaning and stain removing to do before it’s ready for the inspection or next tenant. [more…]

How to Prepare for a Landlord Inspection of Your Clean Home

Cleaning the stains from your home and preparing for an inspection may not be painless, but there are things you can accomplish without spending money. Here are a few cheap home maintenance tips. [more…]

How to Help Your Hosts Keep a Clean Home

If you are a long-term house guest, help your friends for helping you. Take the necessary steps to help them maintain a clean, stain-free home. Hopefully, they will return the favour when it is their turn [more…]

How to Re-purpose Old Items as Household Cleaning Aids

There are many painstaking ways to clean house and remove stubborn stains. It’s true that there’s a piece of specialist cleaning equipment for every task that you may care to undertake. From stick-dusters [more…]

How to Use Common Household Items to Clean the House

You don’t need special equipment for all the stain removal and cleaning tasks it takes to maintain your home. Instead, use what you already have. You don’t need to stretch your finances or storage space [more…]

How to Spot and Treat Basic Stain Types

Identify the problem ingredient or ingredients in a food or drink spill and you’re on your way to getting the problem cleaned up. In beetroot, it’s a straightforward, if vibrant, colour dye. A vegetable [more…]

How to Protect Carpets and Clothes against Stains

No matter how you try, if you have fabric in your life it will get dirty and need cleaning. Taking that bit extra care as you eat, drink, and carry out everyday work and leisure activities is the obvious [more…]


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