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How to Clean Bathroom Surfaces

The surfaces in your bathroom are made up of loads of different materials, most of which are cleaned in different ways. Here’s a quick overview of how to clean different types of bathroom surface. [more…]

How to Make Bathroom Cleaning Easier

Bathroom cleaning is quicker and more pleasant in a room that is well organized and efficiently used. Make sufficient storage to keep lotions, make-up, razors, and toothbrushes off window ledges and sink [more…]

How to Make the Bathroom Sparkle in a Hurry

Sometimes the sudden arrival of guests requires that you give the bathroom a quick cleaning instead of the wall-to-wall cleaning this important room deserves and usually needs. [more…]

How to Keep the Toilet Clean

Inside the toilet bowl is where the germs gather – in the water and under the seat. Sanitising the toilet is the number-one priority for any cleaning session. [more…]

How to Get the Bathroom Clean with a Sparkle

Why settle for clean in the bathroom, when you can have sparkle! When you’ve a spare few minutes, focus on an individual task and you’ll be rewarded with a bathroom that gleams. [more…]

How to Treat and Beat Condensation in the Bathroom

The drip-drip of water down the bathroom wall – that condensation is caused when hot steam hits cold walls. You’ve probably noticed that condensation is worst on outside walls and around the metal frames [more…]

Less Is More When You Clean Furnishings

There is no set frequency for deep cleaning furniture or upholstery. In fact, less is better. Surprisingly, water is frequently your furniture’s enemy number one. [more…]

How to Wash Furniture Fabrics

Technically, you can only really wash sofas that have loose covers. If you can unzip the seat cushions but nothing else – you can’t remove the piece that goes over the back and arms – then you have a fixed-covers [more…]

How to Clean Wood Furniture Finishes

Many different types of wood finishes are used on furniture and they all need to be cleaned in different ways with different cleaners. For everyday wood care, follow these tips: [more…]

How to Clean Indoor Lights

Stop paying for electricity you don’t benefit from, clean your lights! Dust on lamps and lampshades – as well as on light bulbs – seriously dims your rooms. The heat from the bulb draws dust to the shade [more…]

How to Clean Mattresses and Bedframes

Dust – and horribly enough the dust mites that are its chief component – is the main reason to clean beds regularly. You cannot eliminate the microscopic creatures that are dust mites however fastidious [more…]

How to Pressure Wash Dirt Away from Stone

After the snow finally melts away, it might be time to clean the dirt away from the exterior of your home. When you do get around to washing up outside, here are some hints to help you. [more…]

How to Pressure Wash Dirt from Exterior Wood and Siding

After all the winter storms have passed, the wind and rain come to an end, your exterior wood and siding may need cleaned. What’s that? You say that’s [more…]

How to Clean Painted Windows and Door Trim

Accept that cleaning painted windows and door trims is a slow task and you’ll do a worthwhile job. Choose to do this job in the autumn so that you can take care of any problems you uncover before harsh [more…]

How to Clean Out Gutters and Drains

An essential part of keeping your home clean and functional is performing the dreaded task of cleaning out the gutter and drains. While there aren’t many people who look forward to this particular chore [more…]

How to Clean Windows

Always choose a dull, overcast day to clean your windows. You can’t see streaks in bright sunshine and hot temperatures may make your cleaning solution evaporate quickly. Don’t choose the coldest winter [more…]

How to Choose a Solution for Cleaning Windows

It is important to choose a good solution when cleaning your windows. Glass is such a hard, yet smooth, material that nothing gets into it. Stains don’t permeate glass, and unlike other solid surfaces [more…]

How to Follow a Complete Window Washing Action Plan

To really get your windows clean, follow a complete window washing action plan. To begin, clean the frames. If you don’t, dirt from here is ready to sweep back onto your clean glass as soon as it turns [more…]

How to Clean the Secondary Glazing of Windows

Sometimes, your cleaning doesn’t stop with the outside window pane. You may also need to clean the secondary glazing. A second layer of glass that fits in front of your windows is the traditional budget [more…]

How to Clean Skylights and Conservatories

Many skylights tilt inwards, making cleaning them from the inside fairly straightforward. However, because the room is typically dependent on a small pane of glass for much of its light, it’s important [more…]

How to Set Up Ladders

Using a ladder safely is very important when cleaning or doing any maintenance on your home. It is a matter of using your common sense and following a few safety rules, probably the most important of which [more…]

How to Clean and Maintain Wooden Decking

The stunning decks seen on TV garden shows have inspired many thousands of imitators. But to keep it beautiful, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance. On TV the chat is always how ripping up the lawn [more…]

How to Clean Concrete, Stonework and Gravel

Let’s face it, a truly attractive home does not just have clean siding, but also clean concrete, stonework and gravel. It’s the entire exterior package that gives your home curb appeal. [more…]

How to Clean and Maintain Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Buying – and remembering to use – water-proof furniture covers for your wooden furniture makes it easier to maintain and clean your outdoor furniture. These covers keep tables and chairs safe from their [more…]

How to Clean and Maintain Outdoor Plastic Resin Furniture

Outdoor furniture requires cleaning and maintenance to keep it useful for those sunny days. Resin furniture doesn’t cost much, so it often simply sits in the garden, taking all that the weather and the [more…]


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