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How to Clean Gold Jewelry

Because gold is a soft metal, it needs to be cleaned with care. Gold in jewelry is mixed with stronger metals, such as copper and zinc, before it’s made into jewellery. The higher the carat, the higher [more…]

How to Clean Silver Jewelry

Clean silver jewelry last because it’s likely to be the dirtiest. Whilst chains come clean in soapy water, you may prefer to use a silver cloth to shine thick bangles or brooches. [more…]

How to Take Care of Antiques

If it’s old, it may be delicate but sooner or later even antiques need to be cleaned in some fashion. Cleaning may actually decrease the value of the item. Some collectors prefer to see an antique in its [more…]

How to Take Care of China, Crystal and Cut Glass

Perhaps unexpectedly, the very finest looking china may be the hardiest and easiest to clean. Bone china does indeed include bone material, and is also fired at exceptionally high temperature. Both facts [more…]

How to Protect Artwork, Prints, and Paintings

Protecting your artwork often starts with a quality frame job. Frame everything that you value and you’ll go a good way to knocking out a few of paper’s many enemies. Under a glass or clear plastic frame [more…]

How to Polish the Silver

You can’t prevent tarnish on silver cutlery, but you can polish it away. Just eating eggs, mayonnaise, and onions ups the chances that your knife and fork get a light coating. What you can do is remove [more…]

How to Vacuum More Efficiently

There are a few basic rules about vacuuming floors that, once understood, makes vacuuming floors more efficient. The disappointing news for perfectionists is that you may have to go over the same spot [more…]

How to Make Use of Vacuum Attachments

Any modern vacuum comes with a load of attachments designed to help you clean specific parts of your home with ease. Making use of these attachments makes good sense. [more…]

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner

Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your needs takes a little thought about you and what you’re cleaning. Generally speaking, there are two types of vacuum cleaners – uprights and cylinders. [more…]

How to Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner

Every tool needs to be cleaned periodically to continue to work well and your vacuum cleaner is no exception. Failure to keep it clean will reduce its efficiency. [more…]

How to Wash Your Carpet

However often you vacuum, there comes a day when the carpet looks dull, it’s time to wash the carpet to get it clean. Grease from cooking, food spills, and body oils cannot be vacuumed up. It needs either [more…]

How to Clean Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are often DIY projects and have special cleaning needs. So whilst individual planks are factory sealed, gaps between the laminate planks and the edge of your floor aren’t. If you get too [more…]

How to Clean Linoleum and Vinyl Floors

Cleaning linoleum and vinyl floors is an easy process, in spite of being made from different materials they are always cleaned in the same way. The difference between linoleum and vinyl is that vinyl is [more…]

How to Clean Wood Floors

Cleaning wood floors presents a quandary. They’re the ultimate in hard-wearing surfaces – go round a stately 19th-century home and you’re likely to see many original boards. Yet if you don’t clean them [more…]

How to Clean Tiled Floors

Tiled floors can be a doddle to clean and maintain. Slate flagstones, granite, and ceramic tiles are generally sealed to protect them from water and stains. Quarry stone is fine as it is, although you [more…]

How to Rid Your Kitchen of Germs

There are certain areas in your kitchen which are the most likely to have harmful micro-organisms and you need to take special care with these items.

Because germs love water, [more…]

How to Cut the Clutter to Cut the Work in Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens are so satisfying to clean because a good deal of the work is actually restoring order to chaos, that is, cutting out the clutter that seems to grow in every kitchen as it’s used. It’s not really [more…]

How to Clean Your Kitchen Surfaces

Kitchen surfaces serve as worktops and need regular cleaning. Hopefully, your kitchen worktops (countertops) and units are the ultimate in hard-wearing, able to withstand strong and effective cleaning. [more…]

How to Wash Dishes By Hand

Every meal generates dirty plates and cups which need to be cleaned quickly and efficiently. Being organised can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Clear the plate rack [more…]

How to Load a Dishwasher to Wash Dishes

The secret of using a dishwasher to wash dishes is in the stacking. Dishwashers aren’t miracle machines. Unless the jet spray of water is able to reach every portion of the plate, spoon, glass, or whatever [more…]

How to Maintain and Troubleshoot Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher, like all tools, needs to be maintained to continue to do its job in the kitchen. If the dishes aren’t coming out clean it’s probably because it hasn’t been cleaned itself. [more…]

How to Keep Your Refrigerator Clean, Cool and Defrosted

The single most important appliance in your kitchen is the refrigerator and keeping it clean, cool and defrosted is very important. It’s rare to find a fridge that needs manual defrosting these days. Still [more…]

How to Clean the Oven and Other Heating Elements in the Kitchen

It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your oven or other heating elements. In particular, you need to know whether your oven has a self-cleaning lining that cleans without [more…]

How to Wash Toasters and Sandwich-makers

Toasters and sandwich-makers aren’t tricky to clean, just remember to unplug them before you do and never immerse either one in water. If the toaster has a removable crumb tray, chances are you can wash [more…]

How to Clean the Rubbish Bin

Every day the rubbish bin comes in contact with what you don’t want in the kitchen so keeping it clean is essential to keeping a clean, healthy kitchen. [more…]


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