Understanding Green Living

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Understanding the Effects of Climate Change and Global Warming

Increases of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide in the earth’s atmosphere throw the planet’s highly sensitive ecosystem off-balance. This climate change, or [more…]

Is Vegetarianism Essential for Green Living?

If your goal is to live lightly on the planet and embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle, at some point, you need to decide whether that means cutting meat out of your diet. People become [more…]

Celebrating Earth Day

Along with World Water Day and Earth Hour, there's the Big Mama of all environmental celebrations and green holidays, Earth Day. Inaugurated on April 22, 1970, Earth Day is an event held in cities across [more…]

Which Materials Can You Recycle?

Recycling, one of the three Rs of environmentalism, is a way to convert discarded items into new goods. Not everything can be recycled (yet), but you should be able to find recycling facilities for these [more…]

How New Urbanism Makes Traditional Suburbs Greener

Recent suburban green living designs are moving toward new urbanism, which incorporates mixed housing types, higher housing densities, walking paths, community parks, local shopping centers, and strong [more…]

Adopting Four Primary Green Living Strategies

Implement these green living strategies to enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle every day. By embracing these practices, you promote improved sustainability, decrease your carbon footprint, and become part [more…]

Shopping Greenly and Ethically

IF you're trying to make your lifestyle more sustainable and your choices more ethical, examine how you shop. Food and goods produced locally by fairly treated workers are more sustainable than items made [more…]

Working toward a More Sustainable Environment

Environmental science is all about finding ways to live more sustainably, which means using resources today in a way that maintains their supplies for the future. Environmental sustainability doesn’t mean [more…]

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