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Creating Community Currency: A Bartering System

A community currency program works by assigning a value for skills and products based on a point system instead of cash. Alternative currencies help entire communities make less impact on the environment [more…]

Green Projects for Students

The ultimate goal of making schools eco-friendly is to get the children involved in projects that help build a greener community. If the school uses renewable energy, recycles, and composts food waste, [more…]

How to Set Up Your Own Community Environmental Project

You can make a difference to the environment by launching your own green community project. You can tackle a wide range of needs — clearing a hiking trail in a park or lobbying your local legislators to [more…]

Donating Money to Green Charities

One simple way to care for the environment is simply to donate money to charity. If you’re looking to give away some of your hard-earned income, whatever your eco-friendly ideals, there’s sure to be a [more…]

How to Introduce Kids to a Green Lifestyle

The most effective way to teach your children to live a green lifestyle — with care and consideration for the environment, animals, and people with whom they share the world — is to live that green lifestyle [more…]

Planting Trees: A Green Community Project

Planting trees can be one of the best green things you can do in and for your community. When you consider what trees do for the environment, they’re pretty amazing. They provide food and homes for squirrels [more…]

Going Beyond Cleaning Up the Environment: Community Renewal Projects

In many towns and cities, entire neighborhoods have become run-down, contributing to crime and environmental damage. Trash, including hazardous materials, is often left on streets or on vacant lots instead [more…]

Cleaning Up Your Community

There’s no shortage of green community projects aimed at protecting nature, whether it’s wildlife or wild places. You can clear and maintain hiking trails in parks, count birds for wildlife inventories [more…]

How to Make School Lunches Eco-Friendly

School lunches can be a controversial issue as the government worries about the rising levels of childhood obesity, schools worry about funding for meals, and you worry about your child getting healthy [more…]

Discovering Ecotourism

Ecotourism is about doing more than simply enjoying your surroundings; it’s about understanding them while making sure that your travel doesn’t affect them negatively. As an ecotourist, you enrich your [more…]

Volunteering on Vacation

You may not be able to change the world during a week’s vacation, but you can change a little corner of it. Volunteering your vacation time puts your green living principles front and center. Whether you [more…]

Sharing Your Time and Energy with a Time Bank

TimeBanks is a program in which you share your time and skills and instead of receiving money, you can call on other people’s time and skills in return. Using human resources this way is very green and [more…]

How to Choose a Green Vacation Destination

Where you choose to go on your eco-friendly vacation depends largely on what you want to do when you get there — aside from enriching your mind and renewing your spirit without harming the planet. Whether [more…]

How the Government Can Go Green

In order to meet the world’s increasing demand for energy without further damaging the world’s climate and environment, specifically preventing carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere, governments [more…]

Respecting the Local People on a Green Vacation

A good green vacation involves showing cultural sensitivity. You have a responsibility to be the best possible guest you can be. This not only includes green travel principles but connecting with the local [more…]

Supporting Local Economies and Communities on Your Green Vacation

Whether your eco-friendly vacation takes you to a bustling city in Japan or a tiny village in Patagonia, make sure that your green principles show by spending your money to support local businesses and [more…]

Share Resources in Your Virtual Neighborhood

Green neighborhoods are starting to pop up around the U.S. Imagine living in a neighborhood where everyone shared their resources: A neighborhood car. A neighborhood wood chipper. A neighborhood drill. [more…]

Celebrating Earth Day

Along with World Water Day and Earth Hour, there's the Big Mama of all environmental celebrations and green holidays, Earth Day. Inaugurated on April 22, 1970, Earth Day is an event held in cities across [more…]

Ten Great Blogs on Green Economy Developments

To identify your green career focus and excel in your ultimate green career you must stay up-to-date on the green economy. The best way to track unfolding developments that may impact your targeted green [more…]

Turning Your Trash into Someone Else's Treasure

If you can't reuse something, can't find anyone who wants it, and can't recycle it, take the eco-friendly route and think of ways to give it away or sell it before you throw it out. Your trash may be someone [more…]

How to Raise Green Awareness at Your Child’s School

Green living is a hot topic in schools throughout the United States, and chances are good that your children’s school is already looking at environmentally friendly initiatives. As a concerned parent, [more…]

What Is an Urban Plan?

The most common type of urban plan, called a comprehensive plan, examines many different aspects of a community and establishes a course of action for 30 or more years into the future. Here are the topics [more…]

How You Can Get Involved in Planning Your Community’s Future

Getting involved in urban planning in your community can make the difference between a plan for the community and a plan by the community. You can get involved in planning a better and brighter future [more…]

Urban Planning For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Urban plans help shape the future of a community by addressing everything from housing and transportation to natural resources, public utilities, and more. You don’t have to be a professional urban planner [more…]

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