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Wind Power: A Gust of Renewable Energy

In 2006, wind-driven electricity powered almost 3 million households in the United States, and this renewable and plentiful green energy source has enormous potential for more. Large-scale wind farms generally [more…]

Understanding Diesel Fuels

Diesel fuel is more efficient than gasoline because it contains 10% more energy per gallon than gasoline. But there are a few kinds of diesel fuel: Just as gasoline is rated by its octane, diesel fuel [more…]

What Is Ethanol?

All cars used to run on the same type of fuel, but now gas stations offer not only unleaded gasoline but alternative fuels, such as ethanol, diesel, biodiesel, and others. Ethanol in particular has started [more…]

Do You Get Enough Wind for a Wind-Energy System?

Analyzing your wind resource (your site's average wind speed, measured in miles per hour) is one of the hardest jobs you face when selecting a wind-electric system; no single method gives you exact numbers [more…]

Verify Energy Claims from Wind Generator Professionals

Many wind generator inventors, manufacturers, and installers make claims about how much energy you can get from their idea or product, but how can you know whether those energy claims are realistic, ambitious [more…]

The Major Parts of a Wind-Energy System

When it comes to power, a wind generator by itself will do absolutely nothing for you. You need a wind-energy system, which consists of most or all of these components: [more…]

Assess Your Energy Usage to Determine Your Wind-Energy Needs

Doing a usage assessment to determine how much energy you need is a vital step toward getting a successful wind-electric system that meets your power expectations. These steps help you calculate how much [more…]

Wind Power For Dummies Cheat Sheet

After you decide that your home is a good candidate for wind power, you need to understand the basic parts of wind-electric systems and how they fit together. In addition, you need to evaluate how much [more…]

What Are the Financial Benefits Using Solar Power?

Powering your home with solar energy is about as green as you can go. The benefits to the earth are well known, but there are some financial rewards to replacing traditional carbon-based power with solar [more…]

The Costs of Solar Installation and Upkeep

Going solar requires an upfront expense. When you go solar, you get a good payback on your investment, but you do have to put out cash upfront. Banks have become very selective about loaning; in general [more…]

What Are the Benefits of Solar Power?

Using solar power in your home is inexpensive after the initial start-up costs. It also benefits the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Here are some more reasons to consider investing in solar [more…]

How Do Photovoltaic Cells Convert Sunlight into Electricity?

Solar energy is leading the green revolution. If you're considering installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on your home, you don't need to know how the PV cells work. Your solar contractor knows the [more…]

Assess Your Climate for Solar Power Use

Good solar designers assess climate particulars to enhance system performance. Climate includes elements such as temperature, precipitation, and wind speed, among other things. When determining whether [more…]

Evaluating Solar Power Options: Plotting Your Sun Chart

Plotting a sun chart tells you how much direct sunlight you can expect over the course of a day so you can determine whether solar power is a viable option where you live. Sun charts are easy to plot and [more…]

Deciding Where to Mount Your Solar Panels

After assessing your solar power needs and the amount of solar gain you can expect, you can turn your attention to mounting your solar collectors to gather as much sunlight as possible. You always have [more…]

Recharging Batteries with Solar Energy

Solar photovoltaic (PV) modules are ideal for charging batteries. The electronics are minimal, and the costs are low because of it. When a vehicle sits around without being started up for a while, its [more…]

How to Cook with a Solar Oven

To green up your life, you can build and cook with a solar oven. A solar oven can bake at temperatures above 350°F. You can't rely on precision temperature control, so you have to stick with foods that [more…]

Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar water heaters can be either active or passive. Passive systems are cheaper because they're simpler and have fewer parts. But they're also less versatile. Active systems, on the other hand, can put [more…]

Solar Collector Systems for Heating Water

For heating water with the sun, a wide range of solar collector constructions are available. Some systems are nothing more than solar collectors. For example, when covering your swimming pool with a solar [more…]

Building a Solar Water Flow System

After you have your solar water collection system in place, you have to move the water to the working apparatus — usually back and forth so you have parallel sets. One pipe is directing water into the [more…]

Tips for Mounting Solar Panels on Your Home

Powering your home with rooftop solar collectors is great way to go green while reducing energy bills and your carbon footprint. If you mount solar panels on your roof, you can maximize your solar exposure [more…]

How to Purify Your Drinking Water with Solar Technology

Not only can you build a solar water-purification system, you can also design it. Designing is just as much fun as building, and it's more rewarding because the system's entirely yours. The system shown [more…]

How to Warm Your Pool with a Solar Cover

The cheapest and most effective solar-heating system for your swimming pool is a solar cover. You can get one for around $0.30 a square foot, so covering an average size pool costs about [more…]

How to Make Your Swimming Pool More Efficient

Boosting the efficiency of your swimming pool is an important first step in reducing your carbon footprint and moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Here's how to make your swimming pool energy efficient [more…]

Solar Heating Systems for Your Pool

You can heat your pool using solar power. Your pool system already includes the pump, controller, and filter, along with PVC pipes that route the water flow. Simply break into the PVC line after the filter [more…]


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