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How to Reduce Energy Use at Work

Part of making your workplace more environmentally conscious and friendly lies in the building itself. You can make suggestions about how to improve electricity conservation, water usage, and even furniture [more…]

How to Persuade Your Workplace to Go Green

If you work in an office, you can take your green principles with you and try to make them part of the work culture. Simply talking to your work colleagues about environmental issues and how to reduce [more…]

Eco-Friendly Vacation Travel Options

The first question to consider when you decide you need a vacation is how far you need to travel. Local vacations are the greenest, but even a green vacation destination means travel propelled by fossil [more…]

How Businesses Affect the Environment

The place you work can affect the environment either positively or negatively to a very large degree. How eco-friendly your employer is when it comes to using energy to heat and cool the building, to bring [more…]

Aiming for the Paperless Office

From a green perspective, reducing the amount of paper you use is key. Paper is produced from trees, which are a declining natural resource. Wasted paper means that not only the wood is wasted but also [more…]

How Being Green Benefits Businesses

Keeping a business as green as possible has benefits for the business as well as the environment. Aside from the inherent positives for the planet, taking preventive measures to protect the environment [more…]

Running a Green Company: Corporate Social Responsibility

Green living is about protecting the environment andbehaving ethically. Many businesses are embracing what’s called corporate social responsibility to make sure that its operations harm no one and instead [more…]

How to Reduce Waste in the Office

The first of the eco-friendly three Rs is reduce, and being green in the office means looking for ways to reduce consumption throughout, from office supplies to the items in the staff lounge. Consider [more…]

Being Environmentally Sound at Work

All the eco-friendly measures you put in place at home — energy-efficient appliances and equipment, water-saving and energy conservation devices and strategies, recycling and reusing programs — can translate [more…]

Telecommute to Save the Planet

Telecommuting, in which a person connects to work via a computer from outside the office, benefits the community and the environment: A telecommuter doesn’t burn fuel to get to work, thus reducing greenhouse [more…]

How to Find a Green Job

If you’re a green living advocate, working for an organization involved with climate change awareness, renewable energy, wildlife conservation, or green construction not only provides a paycheck but also [more…]

Choosing Green Vacation Accommodations

You have eco-friendly vacation accommodation options whether you’re spending time in the world’s great cities or on top of a mountain. Check out the accommodation options carefully to make sure that they’re [more…]

How to Reduce Business Travel: Carpools and More

Reducing the number of vehicles on the road to work and reducing the environmental impact when workers need to travel on business can go a long way toward cutting the greenhouse gas emissions your company [more…]

Buying Green Office Equipment and Supplies

If you have purchasing power in your workplace, buy eco-friendly goods. If someone else is in charge of equipment and supply purchasing, encourage your boss or purchasing office to buy green whenever possible [more…]

Volunteering on Vacation

You may not be able to change the world during a week’s vacation, but you can change a little corner of it. Volunteering your vacation time puts your green living principles front and center. Whether you [more…]

How Tourism Promotes Green Outcomes

Being a tourist can be part of your green lifestyle. The United Nations World Tourism Organization says that tourism can help reduce poverty, which they call essential for peace, environmental conservation [more…]

The Principles of No-Trace Travel

Being a true green traveler means causing no environmental harm. The seven principles for leaving no trace when you travel to natural areas help you be a true ecotourist. The Leave No Trace Center for [more…]

Deciding Who Will Plan Your Green Trip

Your first step in planning green travel is to decide whether you can spend time researching the trip yourself or whether you prefer to let someone else handle the details of your eco-friendly vacation [more…]

How To Find Green Travel Operators

Whether you’re heading for an art-filled city or a wildlife-rich forest, you may not want to plan your entire green vacation yourself. To keep your trip eco-friendly, find a tour or travel business operator [more…]

Thinking about Earth-friendly Travel

Fossil fuels run most major forms of transportation, so think about your mode of transportation as well as your reasons for traveling before you set off on a long-distance trip. Consider traveling in a [more…]

Supporting Local Economies and Communities on Your Green Vacation

Whether your eco-friendly vacation takes you to a bustling city in Japan or a tiny village in Patagonia, make sure that your green principles show by spending your money to support local businesses and [more…]

Green Living Tip: Travel by Train Instead of by Car or Plane

Train travel is by far a more energy-efficient mode of transportation than either driving or flying. If you take the train somewhere, you can reduce your carbon footprint to less than half of what you [more…]

Offset Your Travel Footprint with Green Investments

If you travel a lot but try to lead a green lifestyle, you may be worried about the environmental damage from all those plane trips you take. Granted, newer airports do their part to reduce their footprint [more…]

Green Industries to Consider When Job Hunting

Everybody knows that green careers are sprouting up in the energy, waste, and traditional environmental areas. But in truth, that’s not the half of it. Don’t neglect the following industries and sectors [more…]

Looking for Careers on Green Job Boards

Job boards, especially those that cater specifically to green careers, are a treasure trove of information you can use to enhance your job search. In addition to finding job openings, you can also use [more…]


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