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Be a Sustainable Consumer

Is it possible to be both a green and frugal shopper? Yes, it is possible to go green and use more organic products without spending a fortune. A finalist for “word of the year” by New Oxford American [more…]

Green Gifts that Don’t Create Waste

It’s not easy to be an anti-consumer during the holidays. The deluge of catalogs flooding your mailbox, TV shows bullet-holed with commercials, and your children and grandchildren drawing back in horror [more…]

Reducing Holiday Waste by Using Less Wrapping Paper

You can be creative with your gift-wrapping without using new paper and ribbons. Decorating different containers and repurposing them to contain gifts is good for the environment and also makes the gifts [more…]

Green Living Tip: Avoid Drinking Straws

If you're interested in green living, try to remember to stop drinking out of a straw. Drinking straws are bad for the environment — first because the plastic straw, itself, doesn't biodegrade; and, second [more…]

Being Green while Dining Out

When you eat at a restaurant, think about sustainability and reducing waste. Many people who are environmentally conscious at home leave their green living habits behind when they go out to eat — when [more…]

Reduce Food Packaging for a Greener Lifestyle

The general guideline for minimizing your trash for a more eco-friendly trash heap is to buy products with the least possible packaging or with recyclable packaging. Shopping at grocery stores that sell [more…]

Shopping Greenly and Ethically

IF you're trying to make your lifestyle more sustainable and your choices more ethical, examine how you shop. Food and goods produced locally by fairly treated workers are more sustainable than items made [more…]


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