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Discovering Ecotourism

Ecotourism is about doing more than simply enjoying your surroundings; it’s about understanding them while making sure that your travel doesn’t affect them negatively. As an ecotourist, you enrich your [more…]

Factors in a Green Community

Your green lifestyle extends to the community around you. Your neighbors and local community and civic organizations play important roles in either helping or hindering your efforts to promote a sustainable [more…]

How to Determine What Green Travel Means to You

The greenest vacations are sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly. If you want to be truly green, make sure your trip is as kind as possible to the environment and benefits the local community and economy [more…]

How to Choose a Green Vacation Destination

Where you choose to go on your eco-friendly vacation depends largely on what you want to do when you get there — aside from enriching your mind and renewing your spirit without harming the planet. Whether [more…]

Choosing Urban Living for its Green-ness

The most sustainable housing locations are those close to the amenities that enable you to live a green lifestyle. For that reason, living in the city is usually your most eco-friendly choice. Being within [more…]

How New Urbanism Makes Traditional Suburbs Greener

Recent suburban green living designs are moving toward new urbanism, which incorporates mixed housing types, higher housing densities, walking paths, community parks, local shopping centers, and strong [more…]

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