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Ten Great Solar Home Improvements

Your personal situation dictates the type of solar investment that's best for your own home, but some projects stand out because they're practical for nearly every homeowner, in both monetary and aesthetic [more…]

Nine Great Do-It-Yourself Solar Power Projects

If you're considering using solar power but aren't ready to go whole-hog with a photovoltaic (PV) solar power system, here are some small projects you can undertake that will make a huge difference. You [more…]

Ten Inexpensive Solar Projects and Devices

If you want to start using solar energy, you don't have to wait until you have enough money to convert your whole house to use solar energy. You start out simple and work your way up with solar projects [more…]

How to Build a Compost Bin from Wood Pallets

Wood shipping pallets are a great option for creating highly effective composting systems, especially when you have a lot of organic matter to process. You can build a compost bin from wood pallets in [more…]

Choosing the Right Fan to Cool Your Home

Using fans to cool your home is energy efficient. After you determine the natural ventilation scheme in your home, you can enhance the effect with the use of active fans. When choosing fans, check for [more…]

How to Make Your Own Household Cleaners

You don't need a cabinet full of commercial products to clean your kitchen and bathroom appliances. You can make your own household cleaners out of a few simple components. Here's what they are and what [more…]

Clean Up with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is already being used in various cleaning products to make your life easier and have less environmental impact.

Companies are looking into using nanoparticles in soap that make it work better [more…]

Insulating Your Water Heater for Improved Efficiency

An insulation blanket can make some water heaters more energy efficient. If your water heater is located in unconditioned space (a garage, basement, or attic) or you don’t want added heat, install a heavy [more…]

Choosing Sustainable Landscaping Alternatives

Skipping over conventional landscaping practices and moving to sustainable techniques will help the environment, save you money, and still deliver beautiful landscaping results. Try these alternatives [more…]

Identifying Ways to Make Your Landscape Sustainable

Getting to know your yard is the first step toward improving the sustainability of your landscape. You have to gather some information about your property, so grab a lawn chair, get comfortable, and consider [more…]

Simple Strategies for a Water-Thrifty Landscape

A key component of a sustainable landscape is water conservation. Ideally, creating a landscape that requires no, or very little irrigation, is the most sustainable option and it’s certainly possible. [more…]

Selecting Sustainable Plants for Your Yard

Selecting and combining the right plants, trees, and shrubs will contribute to a beautiful, sustainable landscape that you can enjoy for years. Ask these key sustainability-oriented questions when mapping [more…]

Sustainable Landscaping For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you want to create a sustainable landscape, examine your yard to determine what eco-friendly improvements can be made right away. Start conserving water and select plans that have similar temperature [more…]

Locating Green Building Materials

Green materials are great for building and remodeling because they reduce the impact on the environment. Given the new popularity of green building, finding green materials is easy. Besides talking to [more…]

Easy Steps to a Greener Home Life

Your home is the best place to start making green living choices and small changes add up to big differences if you’re looking for a greener lifestyle. Turn these simple, super-quick tips into habits around [more…]

Green Cleaning Supplies

One way to create a greener home environment is to steer clear of commercially formulated cleaning products, which all basically contain the same unhealthy ingredients. Keep these green cleaning alternatives [more…]

Analyzing Household Product Efficiency before Making Purchases

When investing in appliances or home improvements, consider the life expectancy and other environmentally-friendly factors that contribute to a greener home. In order to ensure good payback, your choice [more…]

Green Your Home All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Make small eco-friendly adjustments in your daily routine to make your home more green. Start by using natural cleaning products instead of commercially-produced cleaners. If you’re looking for new appliances [more…]

Green Alternatives for Conventional Cleaning Practices

Switching to greener cleaning practices can make your home a healthier place and save you money. Make the following easy, earth-friendly changes part of your green-clean lifestyle and you can reduce your [more…]

Green Cleaning For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you want to “green” the way you clean your home, these Earth-friendly alternatives to typical cleaning methods and water-conservation techniques can help you shrink your carbon footprint as you go about [more…]

12 Ways to Save Money while Going Green with Home Electronics

Small steps can go far to reduce your energy use and make your home more ecofriendly. Try these 12 tips, which are not only good for the planet, they'll save you some money. [more…]

7 of the Best Green Gadget Websites

The Internet is loaded with websites and articles dedicated to green living and green technology. What follows are a few of the most established sites about green electronics and gadgets, and green living [more…]

The Four Rs of Greener Electronics

Most people are probably familiar with the eco-aware mantra known as the three Rs of green gadgets: Reduce, reuse, recycle. But here's what the Consumer Electronics Association [more…]

Green Gadgets For Dummies Cheat Sheet

TVs, cell phones, printers, and other electronic devices take a big toll on the planet. A green gadget is one that's more ecofriendly than other products. You might already know about the three Rs of green [more…]

How to Create a Simple Compost Pile

Creating a freestanding pile is the easiest method to break into composting. Your freestanding pile must be at least 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet (1 cubic yard or 1 cubic meter) up to 5 cubic feet [more…]

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