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How to Go Green in Storage Spaces

Storage spaces can pose a serious problem when you’re trying to go green because they tend to be home to everything that’s not wanted (or not safe) in the house. Environmental hazards, such as propane [more…]

How to Choose a Green Vacation Destination

Where you choose to go on your eco-friendly vacation depends largely on what you want to do when you get there — aside from enriching your mind and renewing your spirit without harming the planet. Whether [more…]

How to Read Food Labels with a Green Eye

Buying food can be confusing, particularly if you’re trying to make healthy and sustainable choices. Reading food labels is important because they’re often the only source of information about the content [more…]

How to Find a Green and Ethical Financial Institution

You’re living green and want to find a financial institution that embraces green and ethical action in every facet of its operations. You need to match the institution — whether it’s a bank, credit union [more…]

Reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

That “new” scent that comes with many new home improvement materials is the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) — hazardous chemicals that cause illness and contain known and suspected [more…]

Avoiding Travel by Shopping Online

The Internet can help you be green. You can use it to shop online and eliminate trips to shopping areas — trips that you would probably make in your car, which emits greenhouse gases that contribute to [more…]

How to Find Out about a Bank’s Green Practices

To find institutions that you’ll be happy banking with, first talk to your current financial institution about its practices. If they’re not green enough, a quick Internet search of different local options [more…]

Gardening Tip: Keeping Dirt and Toxins Out of Your Home

If you're a gardener, a big challenge is keeping dirt and pesticides out of your house. It's a near impossible effort to keep from tracking part of your garden into your house as you traipse back and forth [more…]

Expand Your Garden and Harvest Your Seeds

Once you’ve been gardening your own little patch of earth for a few years, you can stretch beyond your repertoire, and add to your basil, tomatoes, and peppers, or even harvest your own seeds for the following [more…]

How to Kill Weeds in Your Garden Using Newspapers

Newspapers are a gardener's greatest green weed suppressor. A thick stack of wet newspapers laid down in a new bed deters weed growth so your plants have a chance to stake their place in the soil. The [more…]

How to Conserve Water in Your Bathroom

Your home's bathroom is likely its biggest source of water usage — and water waste. Take steps to make your home more green by conserving water. You'll also lower your water bills, thus keeping more green [more…]

Use Rain Barrels to Cut Down on Summer Water Bills

In the spring and summer, when you spend more time outside in the garden, you may want to set up one or two rain barrels to catch excess rainwater. Watering your lawn and flowers with a hose can really [more…]

Make Your Fireplace More Energy-Efficient

A fireplace might be cozy and homey, but they are not very energy-efficient for a green home. For one thing, your fireplace allows a lot of warm air to escape from your home. For another, burning wood [more…]

How to Cut Energy Consumption in Your Kitchen

If you're interested in green living, preparing your own meals in your kitchen is better for you — and better for the environment — than going out or eating packaged food. If you’re tired of dinner in [more…]

Efficient Furnaces Mean Low Winter Heating Bills

You can save money and stay warmer in winter by investing in an efficient furnace, and also having it regularly serviced. If your existing furnace dies, or you’re looking for a furnace for your new home [more…]

Green Tips for Doing Laundry

Even if you don’t use a high-efficiency frontload machine, there are ways to make doing laundry more green and use less energy. First, you save energy from your hot water heater if you wash all your laundry [more…]

How to Extend the Life of Your Clothes

You can live green by extending the life of your clothes. Following a few simple rules can make your clothes last longer and help you spend less money on replacements, energy, and detergents. [more…]

Use a Handkerchief Instead of Tissues

If you are stubbornly resistant to using paper towels, then you may already be aware of the virtues of using cloth napkins and handkerchiefs. In addition to wet wipes, single-use cleaning pads, throwaway [more…]

Seeking a Green Solution for Used Cat Litter

If you own a cat and want to live a green lifestyle, you may have issues with kitty litter: specifically, which kind poses the least threat to the environment, and what do you do with used kitty litter [more…]

The Green Kitchen: Using a Dishwasher versus Hand-Washing Your Dishes

Which method of cleaning your dishes is better for the environment, dishwasher or hand-washing? You might be surprised to find that in some cases, using an electric dishwasher may be a little more green [more…]

Share Resources in Your Virtual Neighborhood

Green neighborhoods are starting to pop up around the U.S. Imagine living in a neighborhood where everyone shared their resources: A neighborhood car. A neighborhood wood chipper. A neighborhood drill. [more…]

Going Green by Buying in Bulk

The next time you go grocery shopping, take the green solution and consider buying in bulk. Bulk items contain less packaging, which is better for the environment. When you see an ad for individually wrapped [more…]

Buying Groceries the Sustainable Way

Good news: With every trip to the supermarket, you have an opportunity to vote "sustainable" with your dollars. Bad news: So many factors weigh into "sustainable, [more…]

The Greenest Way to Switch to Digital TV

Since the digital TV switchover, a lot of people have had to upgrade their TVs. Unfortunately, the technology is pretty discouraging. The first problem is the slender, sleek new TVs, which you’d assume [more…]

Be a Sustainable Consumer

Is it possible to be both a green and frugal shopper? Yes, it is possible to go green and use more organic products without spending a fortune. A finalist for “word of the year” by New Oxford American [more…]


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