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Re-Upholstering Dining Room Chairs

Replacing the fabric gives your dining room chairs a whole new look at a fraction of the cost (and environmental impact) of buying new ones — and minimizing environmental impact is what green living is [more…]

Conserving Water in Your Garden

Water conservation is becoming ever more important in sustaining a healthy planet. Paying attention to your water usage in the garden is one way to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. You have two primary [more…]

LEED Green Building Certification

To help the construction industry define green building, the U.S. Green Building Council(USGBC) devised a scoring method to rate how green buildings are. That rating system, called Leadership in Energy [more…]

Tips for Growing Your Own Produce in a Home Garden

A spare area of sod or bare earth in your yard has wonderful potential to be turned into a source of the freshest produce possible, saving time, money, and gas in the process. You can grow nutritious, [more…]

Planning to Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is one of the ultimate acts of green living. Not only does it cut down food miles (the distance food travels from where it’s produced to the consumer) to zero, but [more…]

Fertilizing Naturally and Organically with Compost

Homegrown fruits and vegetables grow best in fertile soil. It’s important, though, to keep the fertilizers natural in order to avoid introducing potentially harmful chemicals into the environment. Compost [more…]

Keeping Your Washer and Dryer Running Clean and Green

Clothes washers don’t require a great deal of maintenance, but doing the minimum helps reduce your water and energy use, making your carbon footprint lighter. The real energy hog is the dryer, and you [more…]

How to Make Your Clothes Last

One of the most effective methods of reducing the demand for clothes — an eco-friendly goal that decreases the need to manufacture new clothing, which saves energy and resources — is to keep all the items [more…]

Managing your Home’s Temperature

Sure you want to be comfortable, but you also want to live green, and moving the thermostat a few degrees lessens your carbon footprint while still keeping you comfortable. Check with the [more…]

Regulating Your Home’s Climate with Solar Techniques

You can harness the power and heat of the sun — the planet’s most sustainable energy source — to provide most of your needs for heating, cooling, and daylighting with relatively little cost to you and [more…]

Everyday Green Cleaning Products

Everyday items you probably already have can help you clean green for much less money than the cost of the toxic chemicals in commercial cleaning products. Using natural products may call for a bit more [more…]

Prolonging the Useful Life of Wooden Furniture

When wooden furniture starts showing signs of age, you can convert it to a new use or repair and refinish it to give it a whole new, green life — and you can do it yourself! Repurposing reduces your burden [more…]

How to Choose Green Building Materials

Typical wood-frame building methods are wasteful, inefficient, and far from eco-friendly. Several natural construction methods offer greener alternatives to using wood and may be the best choice for your [more…]

Saving Electricity through Your Electronics

Electronics use a considerable amount of electricity while on standby, which means they draw power even when they’re not switched on. This isn’t eco-friendly behaviour because converting oil, water, or [more…]

Sniffing Out Air Freshener Alternatives

Air fresheners aren’t particularly eco-friendly. Most of them simply cover up smells rather than remove them, and they use artificial chemicals to do so. Plug-in air fresheners use energy while they’re [more…]

Container Gardening: Keeping a Home Garden in Limited Space

If you want to be green and grow your own food but have only a small space, you can still garden in containers. Container gardening offers the advantages of fewer insects and weeds to deal with and can [more…]

Natural Alternatives to Garden Chemicals

Going natural in your yard is worth it to give your yard a life free of toxic and harmful chemicals. Not only do you limit your children’s exposure to these chemicals when they’re in the yard, but you [more…]

Getting Rid of Clothes the Green Way

The last thing the green-living you wants to do with clothes you no longer wear is to toss them in the trash for a quick trip to the landfill! If they don’t yet look like rags, take them to a consignment [more…]

How to Turn Your Yard into a Balanced Ecosystem

Your yard is a great place to grow your green principles. Left to its own devices, any area becomes a complex ecosystem, which is basically a group of plants and animals in the same area that rely on each [more…]

Doing Laundry the Green Way

Caring for your clothes can feel like the least eco-friendly thing you do. Washing and drying consume a lot of resources — water for washing, natural gas or fossil fuel–powered electricity for drying. [more…]

Fur and Leather: Animal Issues in Clothes Buying

Some people refuse to wear clothes made from animal products — including leather, fur, reptile skins, and even wool — citing environmental and ethical concerns including the following: [more…]

Reducing Your Waste to Be More Green

For many people, trash is “out of sight, out of mind” as soon as it leaves their homes. But being green means reducing your impact on the planet, which means reducing your trash. Looking at what you throw [more…]

Types of Eco-Friendly Insulation and Their Benefits

Insulation helps your home maintain temperature and lower your heating and cooling bills, and it’s the best thing you can do in your home to save energy and boost your green profile. In a new house, add [more…]

Green-Cleaning Tactics

When it comes to cleaning, you can find a greener way to clean just about everything in the home. Your home can sparkle and shine without the use of toxic chemicals that can harm people and pets and often [more…]

Donating Money to Green Charities

One simple way to care for the environment is simply to donate money to charity. If you’re looking to give away some of your hard-earned income, whatever your eco-friendly ideals, there’s sure to be a [more…]

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