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Green Living - Public Transportation

What Is lyft?

Lyft launched the original concept of rideshare in 2012. So what is a rideshare? The idea behind lyft and other rideshare companies is to provide a more technically advanced, cheaper alternative to taxi [more…]

Green Living - Public Transportation

What Is UBER?

UBER is a smartphone application for ridesharing that pre-calculates the fare, estimates a time of arrival, as well as offers the option to split the cost with additional riders; all while conveniently [more…]

Green Living - Yard & Garden

How to Create a Simple Compost Pile

Creating a freestanding pile is the easiest method to break into composting. Your freestanding pile must be at least 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet (1 cubic yard or 1 cubic meter) up to 5 cubic feet [more…]

Green Living at Home

12 Ways to Save Money while Going Green with Home Electronics

Small steps can go far to reduce your energy use and make your home more ecofriendly. Try these 12 tips, which are not only good for the planet, they'll save you some money. [more…]

Green Living at Home

7 of the Best Green Gadget Websites

The Internet is loaded with websites and articles dedicated to green living and green technology. What follows are a few of the most established sites about green electronics and gadgets, and green living [more…]

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