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How to Choose the Right Orchid

Choosing the right orchid for your home requires some consideration. Few beginning orchid growers take the time to consider their environment before they buy, but it's easy end up bringing home a gorgeous [more…]

How to Fertilize Your Orchid

Many people think fertilizer is some type of elixir that will save even the most abused orchid. Actually, if the orchid is in poor health, fertilizers are rarely the answer. Fertilizers are most useful [more…]

How to Help a New Orchid Adjust to Your Home

Bringing an orchid plant into its new home can be traumatic for both the plant and you! Most orchids you buy come from the very high-light, high-humidity environment of a commercial greenhouse. You bring [more…]

How to Water Orchids

Orchids are killed by improper watering (usually by overwatering) more likely than by any other practice. Discovering how to properly water orchids is one of the more challenging aspects of growing orchids [more…]

How to Rescue Overwatered Orchids

If you have overwatered an orchid, you can take steps to save it. If the orchid still has some healthy, firm roots, you can salvage it by cutting off all the soft, mushy roots with a sterile tool, like [more…]

How to Stake Blooming Orchids

Flowers and spikes of orchid blossoms can be heavy and, if they aren't staked properly, they'll open at an awkward angle. Orchid staking techniques vary somewhat with the type of orchid. The two major [more…]

How to Grow Orchids Under Artificial Light

Artificial light sources make it possible you to grow orchids without greenhouses or bright windowsills. You can grow any kind of orchid in artificial light. The cost of equipment and electricity are your [more…]

How to Provide Humidity for Orchids

Insufficient humidity can stunt an orchid's growth and, in severe cases, it can cause brown tips on leaves. It can also contribute to orchid buds falling off [more…]

How to Diagnose Watering Problems in Orchids

Overwatering and underwatering orchids show many of the same symptoms because the effect of both practices is the same — damaged or destroyed root systems, which result in a dehydrated orchid. [more…]

Orchids: How to Identify and Control Common Pests

When you first notice pests on your orchids, you need to promptly and properly identify them so you can be sure to apply the most effective control. In many cases, especially if there are many pests present [more…]

How to Choose an Orchid Pot

When shopping for an orchid pot, you'll find many types to choose from. Some orchid containers are more ornamental, while others have functional differences. The most common container is the basic pot [more…]

Deciding on a Potting Mix for Orchids

The right potting mix for orchids provides plenty of drainage, air circulation, or moisture — depending on the needs of your particular orchid. Orchid mixes consist of a variety of potting materials, each [more…]

How to Repot an Orchid

Don't be afraid to repot your orchids. Despite their reputation, orchids are tough, and repotting helps them thrive. You'll know it time to repot orchids when [more…]

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