Gardening with Free-Range Chicken Extras

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Gardening with Free-Range Chickens For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Chickens are gaining popularity quickly. Not only are chickens fun and educational, they are beneficial to you and your garden. When you free-range your flock, you gain helpful gardeners who aerate soil [more…]

Farming Other Animals with Free-Range Chickens

If you love your chickens and have enjoyed free-ranging them on your property, it’s only natural to think of having other farm animals. What joy to have fresh milk, fresh goat cheese, or farm-raised lamb [more…]

10 Ways Compost Benefits Your Soil and Garden

Your compost is a custom mixture, an interesting byproduct of your life. All the ingredients thoroughly combined become organic, rich humus with incredible benefits to your soil, garden, plants, trees, [more…]

A Seasonal Guide to Your Free-Range Chicken Garden

Your chicken garden should change with each season. Even if you live in a mild climate you still experience subtle season changes and have seasonal chores. You'll want to know how your garden will change [more…]

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